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Baneed Nathan Suicide, Im Sorry


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Hi, I play L4D2 for years, when I found your server, was incredible, your server Its Amazing, I dont really know about suicide was a fault, Im so sorry, I was playing a campaign a few hours ago with Maestro, we won the campaign, a really hard but we won, then all the people said: good bye, so, the server was empty, just me and another one start other campaign, of course Maestro was in spectator, and I jump and suicide, I accept and Sorry, I have never rushed, i have never said a bad word, I have never said something wrong to an ADMIN, I respect so much the admin, Im friendly with the others, if exist any posibility for unbanned me, I will so happy Thanks, I only play L4D2 and this servers is the only fun that I have Thanks for read this.

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