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Please upvote my reddit post about Daybreak


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If you have kept up with H1Z1 and Daybreak's antics, this I highly suggest you check out my satirical reddit post about Daybreak.  I think it's sorta funny, but it also convey's a clean message.


If you haven't kept up with what's going on with H1Z1, I'll give you a short rundown:


H1Z1's Alpha was released 1 year ago this month for $20.  Prior to the release, it was teased from Daybreak (formerly Sony Online Entertainment) that it was to be the new Zombie Survival MMO, complete with a test map and a newer, bigger map currently being worked on.  It was supposed to support all players on 1 single server depending on traffic, and it came with all the bells and whistles.  It was also supposed to be ported to PS4.


John Smedley was the CEO of Daybreak when Sony backed out, but resigned in July, 2015.


Since it's release, a reddit subforum of the game was created for Devs to read players' feedback about the game, bugs they found, what could be improved, etc.  Occasionally the devs would post a sticky of the roadmap the company was taking with the game regarding quality of life, a new map, newer types of zombies, weapons, skins, vehicles, etc.  The biggest roadmap was posted in June or July.


So far the only thing accomplished in the game since its release is a slight improvement in survival and Battle Royal gameplay, a couple versions of BR, and a horde of new crates.  Unfortunately those crates cost money to open (which you get new skins for clothing and weapons).


To get the gist of what I'm trying to explain, here's a link to another post on reddit about the state of the game and the frustrations the players are vent every day for the past year.



To make this long story short, the game is still in Alpha and nothing has improved to make this a Beta, and the devs keep giving players a runaround explanation once every couple weeks as to the state of the game.  So if you could please read my above post I linked, give it a thumbs up, and maybe provide a couple comments, I would greatly appreciate it!

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