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  1. see I knew he was using an aimbot to kill those hunters. No way anyone is that good with 90% headshots. In other news, I flew my first solo flight a couple days ago. Posted a video of it too if you guys are interested:
  2. hopefully soon. Maybe I'll celebrate once I finish getting my pilot license. For now, I have to get ready to head to Vegas in a couple hours. Quick question: Does General still play and headshot hunters from the sky?
  3. "Speaking of good old days, is there a way that...." That's called hijacking a post.
  4. I'm still around, just not playing many PC games lately. A few updates about myself: -I'm currently training to get my private pilot license. I may take it further and get my commercial license but that will take a lot of time. -I quit my job a few months ago (after 8 years with the company) for a couple reasons. I had applied for 8 other positions within the company and even though I was interviewed for them all, I receieved no offers. I was considered the subject matter expert in my field so my assumption is that my manager did not want to lose me to another department. In fact during one of my interviews I was told that I have a bad reputation at corporate because I hindered a lot of processes (I was a QC parts inspector and the folks at corporate try and buy shoddy/old parts that I quarantine due to many issues). So eventually I put in my two weeks and they weren't happy. The other reason is that both my parents passed away within months of each other and I needed time to rethink my life and career choices. I had to spend a lot of time getting their estate in order and selling their property. -Now that I sold the property I have been investing in the market and planning on starting my own business. I'm leaning towards opening a flight school. My time spent at the school I go to has opened my eyes to the fact that flight schools are overbooked and there are just not enough instructors or planes available to support everyone who wants to learn. Personally I have only been able to fly a couple times a week which is not what I wanted. I wanted to fly daily but it's just not possible. -My wife almost divorced me in 2021/22...but we resolved (most of) our issues and are still married. -Spending a lot of money on house projects. As I'm typing we are having an 8x12 storage shed being built in the side yard. Anyways, hopefully one day I come back and play but when that happens, I'll be rusty as ever!
  5. Been a long time since I've been on here. Lots of life changes going on, and I'm sure for everyone. 11 years ago I found this server and I have some of the best gaming memories here. Plus some good times on the minecraft server. Damn, time flies.
  6. Fenix


    Looks like Mercman's twitch account was deleted or banned.
  7. Sounds interesting! I'll have to check it out...but only if you guys check out these new Arma 3 servers I found! Also, It seems a little quick for a BR...20 mins? That's almost as long as a CoD match.
  8. Hey folks, Long time no see for most of you that read this! I've been cutting back on gaming after a few life changes, but I still manage to play 1 or 2 specific games until I get tired of them and move on. Recently I've been playing a lot more, but nothing like I used to do. After a Arma2 Day Z stint...I fell in love with that type of FPS playstyle. But Arma seemed to be the only game that provided that much in-depth control for a shooter. Then Arma 3 came out and I fell in love with it - at first. Then there was H1Z1, Rust, etc etc. H1Z1 BR was addicting to say the least...it was like Call of Duty w/o the super fast 10 min games. But with all their issues I turned back to Arma 3. I found out they also had a BR mod made by PlayerUnknown, and it's great! The only problem there is that ussually the same players keep winning all the matches and it's a bit unfair. Lots of Brazilian and Russian teams on that game mode...and they are dominating. I asked on Reddit if there were any other Arma 3 serviers that hosted a different type of gameplay, kind of like Team Fortress 2 but on a grander scale. Someone was nice enough to point me to this place: http://www.eutw.net/ It took a bit of getting used to, but it's basically like a cross between Arma 3, TF2, and our very own L4D2 !buy servers. It's a capture point PVP-based match. There is no time limit because these are huge maps...I mean bigger than H1Z1's entire Z1 map. And the longer you play, the more points you earn to buy expensive stuff like tanks, jets, choppers, artillery, UAVs, etc. Weapons, ammo, gear, all of that is on a buy system...and you can only purchase this at the primary spawn area. I am just hoping to draw some friends from GC to this. Right now the servers are open but absolutely empty as 90% of all the players on these servers are European (it's an English-only server though). They are usually done with the last match right when I get home from work (4pm Pacific)....so I really only get to play on the weekends in the morning. Anyways, if you are interested in playing, I can teach some of you the basics while the servers are empty, then you can help spread the word. Just PM me here or on steam.
  9. I just posted this on Reddit...but I'll show you what I did for a couple different Halloweens. I haven't carved anything yet for this season.
  10. Fenix

    I'm back!

    After a 2.5 year hiatus, I decided to play again. I miss the old days. I renewed my membership because I finally got back into the groove of things and I was kicked to make room for another member....on No Mercy! My favorite map. How soon till my profile receives the member tag and the server accepts me as a member? ...And hats.
  11. Just checking in to say hello. It's been a very long time since I've played, doubt I have the same skill that I used to, but one day I'll be back on. My life has changed a bunch since I last played. Last time I played, I was working for Raytheon, but they let me go before my probation period was up (2 weeks left). That was a pretty devastating part of my life since I was so proud to work there and every one of my friends and family knew I got the job there, so when i lost it I caved and didn't speak to anyone for a while, and I didn't even play any PC games except H1Z1. I moved in with my gf and her roommates, and eventually we got our own place after being 9 months unemployed. Let me tell you, being unemployed sucks. I applied to at least 300 jobs, tailoring my resume to each job I applied for. Eventually I landed a job that I am still at, working for Allegiant Air doing Quality Control. It's a decent job with decent pay, except I haven't received a pay raise in over a year now, so I've been contemplating that situation. So right now it's just my GF and I, and our 2 dogs. It was 3 dogs, but one of hers had to be put to sleep, and he was only 5. To cope, I've been playing more games again, especially after I got a PS4 for my birthday last year. FFXV is pretty much the only thing I play, but since I over-leveled (lvl 80 in chapter 9), I've just been playing Totomostro mini game trying to get that hard-to-get item. That got boring after a bit, so I hoped on my PC and started playing Town of Salem. Fun stuff if you haven't tried it yet! I bought a new Vid card for my PC so I could play Doom, yet I haven't finished the game since life keeps dragging me away from my guilty pleasure of late night video gaming. Anyways, hope you all are having fun on the servers still. I miss playing L4D2, so maybe I'll come back.....maybe.
  12. This has officially sold! Thank you Mr Mustard!!
  13. What's his steam name? I think I'll just try and get a hold of him there.
  14. Ok cool. Have him check his PMs when you see him!
  15. Anyone know what happened to Mr. Mustard? I know he's playing fantasy with you guys, so I wonder if anyone is in touch with him. He PM'd me about 8 days ago and I responded, but he hasn't been online since he PM'd me.
  16. I'd like to sell these two cards for $140 (combined). Both cards in in great condition and work great for most games (except the new Doom which is why I am upgrading). They also come with a solid ASUS SLI Bridge (not one of those floppy ones) as you can see in one of the pictures. If you only want to buy one of the cards, then I will sell for $75 ea. Please PM me or reply here if you are interested. These cards have been air-dusted at least twice a year, so there's no dirt clogs and they have never overheated (I monitor my GPU temps while playing). In addition to that, they have never been overclocked which can shorten the life-span of your cards. I've spent many hours playing L4D2 on these. But I figured it was time for a new card...ARMA 3 was giving me a hard time as well.
  17. Well thanks to a couple members of GC, I ended up getting hooked on H1Z1...specifically battleroyale. But by the time I found interest in BR, many of the GC folks had given up on the game. Well I played for a few months and got very uninterested since Daybreak is taking their sweet time fixing major issues with the game. At some point I was watching one of my favorite twitch channels and they were playing a Battleroyale for ARMA 3. I got super excited for a couple reason. First, The person who developed BR for H1Z1 is the same person who created the BR mod for Arma 3. Secondly, ARMA 3 has what H1Z1 doesn't.....realistic gameplay with a ton of weapons and accessories you can use on them. This is something Arma 2 DayZ had that I miss a lot. Anyways, I've been playing this for a while and was curious if anyone from GC plays this version of Arma 3? I'd like to play with a couple members because right now I'm stuck doing ranked battles which don't allow you to team...and those servers usually don't have a new game going except once every 30-45 mins (meaning if you die early in 1 game, you may have to wait a while before playing on that type of server). There are a lot more regular servers available to play on because teams are allowed. Anyways I miss playing with GC members, so let me know!
  18. Read what MeJohnny said before you post irrelevant arguments please. It would also help if you read everyone's replies and insights, as I have posted stuff that goes against what you are saying about admins "banning for skill". The admins never ban for skill. Otherwise those people I accused would have been banned...but they never were. If someone shows great skill in unusual circumstances (ie. lots of headshots while infected are flying midair, anticipating and following infected through walls or while ghosted, etc) then that warrants a temporary ban until the evidence is reviewed so that other players are not aggravated or leave the server due to a possible cheater in their midst.
  19. It has been a while since I played on this server, but I used to be one of those guys who would accuse many of the good players on this server of cheating. That being said, after many demos I've taken and many times I've played with them, I now know that it was usually because they had played on this server for so long that they pretty much know what to expect in every situation while playing survivors. Now there were occasions that I would accuse "new" players of cheating based on how well they were playing compared to our best players. Some of those players I would research to see their stats on the server, as well as how many hours they played in the game overall. One common factor is that these new players had less than 100 hours played, with a very high headshot ratio, on a 10v10 server they have rarely played on (maybe 20 or less hours). Those were the people that generally cheat because they are on a new server, no one recognizes who they are, and play for maybe an hour at a time. Regular players who cheat tend to show a drastic increase in stats and skill. I myself have never really improved much over the last 4 years since starting this game, but I DO get very competitive. Although my competitiveness will not DRASTICALLY change my stats. That is the key factor in determining if a regular player cheats. Also, another side note: Players with a prior VAC ban most likely have and will cheat again. It's an unfortunate trend. I think once the review is accomplished, the admins will definitely let you know if deadlock is cheating or not. Also, I would personally love to see the demo as I never get a chance to see a decent demo of someone using wallhacks or aimbots (other than the funny youtube videos of blatant aimbotters).
  20. I still haven't stopped playing...and it's even more fun than ever before!
  21. https://www.reddit.com/r/h1z1/comments/40ihap/daybreak_shady_car_mechanic/ If you have kept up with H1Z1 and Daybreak's antics, this I highly suggest you check out my satirical reddit post about Daybreak. I think it's sorta funny, but it also convey's a clean message. If you haven't kept up with what's going on with H1Z1, I'll give you a short rundown: H1Z1's Alpha was released 1 year ago this month for $20. Prior to the release, it was teased from Daybreak (formerly Sony Online Entertainment) that it was to be the new Zombie Survival MMO, complete with a test map and a newer, bigger map currently being worked on. It was supposed to support all players on 1 single server depending on traffic, and it came with all the bells and whistles. It was also supposed to be ported to PS4. John Smedley was the CEO of Daybreak when Sony backed out, but resigned in July, 2015. Since it's release, a reddit subforum of the game was created for Devs to read players' feedback about the game, bugs they found, what could be improved, etc. Occasionally the devs would post a sticky of the roadmap the company was taking with the game regarding quality of life, a new map, newer types of zombies, weapons, skins, vehicles, etc. The biggest roadmap was posted in June or July. So far the only thing accomplished in the game since its release is a slight improvement in survival and Battle Royal gameplay, a couple versions of BR, and a horde of new crates. Unfortunately those crates cost money to open (which you get new skins for clothing and weapons). To get the gist of what I'm trying to explain, here's a link to another post on reddit about the state of the game and the frustrations the players are vent every day for the past year. https://www.reddit.com/r/h1z1/comments/3zwuif/seriously_wtf/ To make this long story short, the game is still in Alpha and nothing has improved to make this a Beta, and the devs keep giving players a runaround explanation once every couple weeks as to the state of the game. So if you could please read my above post I linked, give it a thumbs up, and maybe provide a couple comments, I would greatly appreciate it!
  22. At least I go out with a BANG! Highest score I've ever achieved...and the game is still going on!
  23. I breifly played HL1 on xbox but never liked it. I saw enough of the game to know the basic premise of the story and who's involved. But so far I'm not liking that I'm having to dodge a helo shooting at me while I have just a crowbar and a pistol.
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