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TbT's week of TeRRoR review week17: What just happenend? Noobs welcome

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Welcome to the 17th consecutive week of my nonesense!   Anyone trying this out for the first time....well its basically me rambling bout things I did in gaming and GC wise the past week.  Kinda review-ish, lots of whining, and self congratulatory stories  ^_^  ]- NOTE we need thug life  or deal with it emoticons round this joint.






Games I've been playing but did not play this past week.


AoE2.....first time in weeks I wasn't able to work any games in ...... Sorry Reo we just couldnt' get on the same schedule......crap happens

D2:Lod perfect drop mod.... just never had the time for the occasion 

DIrtybomb... I'm really high on this game unfortunately most around me play undercrotch...and I'm not down with it.


CSGO: dropped a sad ultimatum  on the GC group announcement concerning SNCs......which did happen at least  a little better than the previous weeks.  Also got a blast from nowhere reply from theFirstMonk


Cool story Bro:     I started a T round on Dust2 in CMM bought myself a  CZ- killed a guy mid. Dropped CZ  picked up CT gun.  Asked my team.....is this a p250  or P2000 ( I really only use fiveseven, usp, cz and deagle)  They said its a p2000.....I was like how do you shoot it ?  ( not being smart I meant like how should u utilize  timing with it........   I head shot the whole other team for the clutch ACE......screens  on my activity feed... just found it hilarious "how do you shoot it turning into a ACE within a minute later :D


Best stat of the week:   39 kills in a CMM woot woot


Table Top Sim:   I learned how to play  Risk the right way finally  Ty Reo and Mustard...lets argue some more another time :P    More Catan was played with more TbT being first loser or 2nd place.....whichever you prefer.  Also knocked out some "Video game pictionary"


Squad  Squad just dropped the 8somethingsomethingpatch.v1lasf         Anyways....wow the improvement in performance is great plus a new map drop.... I love alphas that are actively in developement and not a money grab.  BTW this weekened 10th- 13th free squad weekend- DL it  and join us on Discord for some action


Fantasy Sports   I'm currently or during last week was in first place in both GC football and Hockey....( Hockey is only on week 2 now )   Could I pull of a potential hat trick this year?   Already conquered a fantasy baseball ship  could I complete the trifecta?   Only time will tell.  Peace out!

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