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Hey all,

I tried connecting to GC's CSGO server by 'connect' through console, and it kept giving me an error message 'Banned by server'.  Eventually, I got kicked back to the main menu where it said the connection failed after 30 tries.  

I also cannot connect to the CS GO server through my friend's list; there is no option to join game.  If I hit "Join Game" on a friend's profile, it does nothing.  

I'm going to try and see if it's a firewall issue.  I can join other games on random servers using official matchmaking, but I haven't tried to see if I can join random servers through the server browser.  (Also, I had to level up to Private Rank 2 and see if that fixed the issue: it didn't).

I can watch the game if someone invites me though, which is strange.  

I don't know if I've actually been banned, but I wanted to cover all of my bases.  '


EDIT:  Uh, I'll wait 21 hours too and see if that's the problem.  Apparently, I get a 21 hour ban after 2 wins.  Had no idea this was a design choice by Valve.  Welp, I guess I'll play with you guys another time. 

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