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  1. heya shaft!!! wow been a while. Ive been with dirtyguns.us Mostly a BF4 clan. The fam and I are looking at Big Bear, NE of here, east of LA. Looks amazing with cheap housing. And 5 or 6 locations I could transfer to. We're heading up there Thurs to check it out. On a PC note, I tried the old HDD. Of course it didnt boot, BUT it recognized it and I could browse through it byu telling the Windows boot disk I wanted to look for a driver. So, both my HDDs are totally toast along with everything on them. Yay! >: So, any advice on a new HDD? Im still using old Sata 3gb/s so Im not sure if a SSD would even be of use to me. Hybrids are looking interesting. What do you guys think on 1 vs 2 drives? Ive always gone 2 so I can have a data drive, but with 3+TB drives, thats kinda silly now. I jsut always have a fear with a single drive system that if C: craps out Id have to re-install windows and destroy EVERYTHING since its all on one drive... Wanna buy soon so let er rip. BTW, walkingcat, windows "account"? You mean my dvd-key? Still have all that...
  2. mobo "seems" ok. I re-cabled everything and started from scratch with the new PSU. Other than it thinking theres no HDDs attached seems to work fine. I dont have another system to try them in, but I did find a couple old sata drives lying around. They wont boot it I assume, but I ASSUME it should at least recognize that they are attached and give me an option to reformat and install windows if all the other hardware is ok.... i think. I wont do that, but this should tell me the drives are borked and not the board/cables/etc. Ill try that later today.
  3. continuing the two posts above.... Not the sata cable. I tried the sata cable that runs the dvd burner. No change. And that cable obviously works.... I'll take any suggestions, even if they sound nuts. I would get one fried, or both erased but still there, or one erased on ok, etc etc. But both totally destroyed? I dont wanna give up and buy a new one and reinstall and lose EVERYTHING unless its the only possible option. BTW- if I do have to do that, will my copy of windows still work since its the same computer? Or will I need a new one of those too?
  4. continuing from post right above, is it possible that some bios setting got borked when the psu went? Or even that sata cable? I jsut cant think of any possibilities that would DESTROY both HDDs at the same time, so that they dont even exist anymore. Erased? I could understand that. But Gone?
  5. new info. Got it past that point and to post. Kept telling me to insert a boot device (uh oh ) Recognizes the dvd rec, but neither of the HDD. tried switching cables, sata ports, power cables, everything. Reset Cmos. Inserted Windows dvd....its acting like it should, except that it doesnt see either of the HDDs, so cant pull up a recovery image or anything like that, much less load windows... Is it possible that a power surge or something happened to destroy both HDDs? Not just erase....it thinks they dont even exist. This one has me totally stumped. ANY ideas would be helpful!
  6. board is past warranty. Think it was only a 3 year one. Might call em to see if they have any ideas....theyve always treated me great. Heya Stutters! Sorry, meant to type North. Im near Oceanside, bout 30 mins north of SD. Beautiful place! ... crazy rent though...ouch. We're staying in this area, just need to upgrade the homestead. We get a laugh out of the weather channel....rest of the country's getting all torn up, then Oceanside's radar. Totally blank, looks like a map. Everyday. This weeks forecast? 70-something.
  7. Man, was really hoping someone would have some good news. Getting ready for another move (Im in South Cali now btw, just south of San Diego). If I have to do the whole cpu/mobo/ram thing....might be 6 months to save up. MAYBE I could swing another of the same mobos, but then if the cpu or ram are also fried, I jsut threw that money in the garbage.
  8. Woke up the other night to my psu sparking. Bought a new one (EVGA 860 supernova). I hooked it up and thought it was going to start ok. Then the mobo error-coded with 85 ((EVGA 132-LF-E655-KR) - Display errors. If no display check video card/monitor. Replaced cabling and re-seated. Same. Tried the other slot, same. Put in my old gtx 275 (know it works) - same. Does this sound like a fried mobo to you? Kind of a big deal. Its the older 2-step style mobo (ram is in 4/8/16 rather than 6/12/24 etc...), so I prolly wouldnt just replace the mobo it would have to be a whole new rebuild. Kinda stuck so looking for any advice I can get. I think most of the info is in my sig (udpated ram to 8 gigs and video to evga 660ti sig 2)
  9. Fatty always wins anyways.... Woah! Just noticed! <----- Joined EIGHT 1/2 Years ago!? Good God Im getting old.
  10. Got it. It was creating a system image....I was under the assumption it was only an image of system files. It actually makes an image of the entire C: drive! Thanks!
  11. mine is just like yours flitter. its set to 1% (5.96gb), but shows current usage as 429.11 Gb LOL! also i have these settings below. I used to have it set to only 1 restore point at a time to free up space, but obviously that didnt work so I tried letting windows manage...no change.
  12. My win 7 doesnt just save a restore point of the system like its supposed to. It only has two settings. Use all of the HDD, or use 30% and let windows manage. It was using 540 gigs of the available 560 so I changed it to only save system files, most recent copy, etc. But its stil uses 540 gigs and copies ALL of C: drive! Theres no other options. I have no idea how to correct the problem. I just want it to use a few gigs, maybe even up to 100, to set a system restore of the most recent copy of system files. Not the whole drive and not 540 gigs! Any ideas?
  13. So, is it just the L4D2 server here now?
  14. heh- I thought it was time to grace you all with a post-BlackVelvet tidbit Thought you might've missed em! The threads come up in some weird time related order instead of a "standard" form. I'll check it out and see if I can fix that on my end. The bright all-white skin is a little rough, but thats easy enough to fix. Hiya! ah...GCBlood skin is much better! And who/what is this "walking cat" that says "Another one...."?
  15. Its like coming back to your family's old homestead property...... and finding a low-income condo! (whatever that means). Its all ... pretty...and weird lookin... and the posts come up in some weird time related order instead of categories....Im so confused.... "Mommy..... who's that weird man in your bedroom??" Edit.... you kept track of my posts and topics, but my super-uber-awesome avatar/sigs are gone.... *cries a little*....
  16. heh - I have a great avatar picked, just have to get it up here. I "think" my limit is 1TB. Havent hit anywhere near it yet with gaming, netflix, pandora (etc), daughters ipod, and wifey's usings.
  17. wow FK - nice to see you too! Its Genext by the way. Check with your county's PUD for Fiber option in your area of Washington.
  18. If you happen to live in Washington state, I pay $42 a month total for a very friendly ISP with a personal touch. Oh, and THIS: btw, liking the new forums. Weird background though.. makes me think of Iron Maiden
  19. It got much better over time with updates. I would have liked to make a server cycle on two maps, like Array and Hanoi only or something, with HC TDM. I know there are mods now for admin-ing but I just wasn't familiar with them.
  20. This server never recovered from the initial loss of not being listed, and I cant find the time to learn the new mods to re-create this server...hence I asked that it be unplugged from life support and left to finally succumb to its death throes. Apparently there will be 15 other CODs and add-ons anyway to fill its place in the next couple years, so we shall see where it all finally settles.... GGs! Laz
  21. Its on my *want* list for sure, but I have to refill the cash tank after this last move first...
  22. Im back out West! Backin Washington and lovin it (except the crappy net so far)

  23. Thanks to you both. Ill post up as soon as possible. Already looking forward to the nights on the beaches, walking in the forests, and a paycheck
  24. Picking up the truck on Sun, packing it up, and we're heading back to Washington Monday morning. Just had enough out here. Miss the mountains, the forests, the fishing, the camping, the people, the weather (east Washington, not rainy west), oh, and the Jobs. I couldn't get hired for ANYTHING out here (we're talking not even a part time pizza driver...and I owned a few of my own franchises). But I already got a job in Washington when I get there. My wife put out 64 excellent resumes in Lansing a month ago, never even got a phone call. She has a part time job, another probable part time job to choose from, and 4 very nice full-time interviews waiting for her in Washington. So, off we go, will get there towards the end of the week, back on the net sometime after that. Weee!
  25. Good news: My boy got 58 hits last I checked. Bad News: None of you hosers posted a response here or there? In the words of Nemo's Jaques: I am ashamed.
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