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  1. Third year for a donation from the Weasel. I know that this is a great cause, and I'm honored to be able to help you guys show some kids what it really means to feel loved! Thanks for the reminder today, I almost forgot to jump in! Blessings! - Weasel
  2. I really enjoyed the game last night. A lot of fun, and very educational. I learned a lot and I'm a pretty slow learner. There's a lot more for me to learn to be a more effective team player. I think I even taught the team captains something; always pick Weasel last! ;-) Thanks a lot guys!
  3. Just sent in some for the kids. Sorry it's not as much as last year. I really admire you for spending your time and money to show real love to kids who otherwise wouln't know what love is!
  4. Squirrel is in. I talked to him earlier. You spelled Weasel wrong just to get me wound up for the match didn't you! It won't work, I'll still get pwnd. Thanks for trying though.
  5. Can a weasel join in the fun? All I'll do is catch bullets, but at least I'll be a diversion so the rest of the team can win. I'll plan to be there at 9:30 Thanks!
  6. There must be something wrong with the new server ... I got a kill on the pistol round?!? That never happens! Seriously though, I was in there with Wolfsblood, and the server went away.
  7. The original plan was to have the LAN at my church, but I've been unable to secure a room for that night, so it will now be at my house. This changes the limit from about 32 gamers to about 10. We have 8 so far. If you still want to come, let me know. Thanks!
  8. Cool! We have 6 other people for sure, and a few maybes. I'm hoping to have 10 or more, but this certainly will not be a big event. A day or two before the LAN, I'll let you know if anything changes, and give you some additional details about which room we're in and such. Thanks!
  9. A few of us here in Midland Michigan will be hosting a small LAN on June 3rd to play CSS together. If you what to play too, let me know. lanparty@superstevens.com Midland LAN party details Thanks, Infuriated Weasel
  10. Just put in my donation. Thanks for doing this for the kids. I have heard some of the stories from RFKC, and I know that the little bit of love goes a long way for these kids. You're awesome. - (not so infuriated) Weasel
  11. Hi, I love your servers, and also like the strict rules that you are able to enforce. It really makes the game a lot more fun when you don't have to listen to a bunch of immature kids trying to make sentences entirely from expletives. I'm experimenting with a server of my own, and would like to provide the public with a similar service. Can you tell me what admin mod you are using and how you set it up? Thanks, Weasel
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