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  1. been a while since ive been on here

  2. wow those are some pretty potent lyrics which i happen to agree with.. really makes you stop and think dosnt it? S.S.
  3. recently seen marine bumper sticker... Martyrs or marines. who do you think will get the virgins??
  4. Ap and UPI reported shortly after the London subway bombings that the French Goverment had raised its alert level from "RUN" to "HIDE". The only two higher levels being "SURRENDER" and "COLLABORATE" (all being color coded in different shades of yellow) The rise in alert level was precipitated by a recent fire which destroyed their nation's White Flag Factory, effectively disabling their entire army... S. S.
  5. the best week of my life was one year ago last week when i asked the love of my life to marry me on christmas day.... the worst week of my life came 7 months later when she dumped me... isnt it funny how that works... now all i have is a slightly used diamond ring and a drawer full of memories. S.S.
  6. what i want out of like is to be unconditionally loved by at least one person. i want to find a girl and get married and have kid and watch them grow up and have kids of there own. and build my dream house (which i already have the plans drawn up for) on a beach some where and sit on the rap around porch with my wife with our gray hair and no teeth and wath my grandchildren play in the sand with the sunshing down out of a clear blue sky. at that moment i could die havning everything i ever wanted. S.S.
  7. hey... how yall been? how has life been treating you? my life is crrrrrrazy right now.. within one week ma girl broke up with me, i got a new job, and i started college again... its been really tuff but hey ill make it somehow. i have been with her for 2 years and she was my whole world. now its kinda shattered. but enough whining.. i hope yall are doing well and that ur enjoying life to the upmost. peace out homies S.S.
  8. im actually doing suprisingly well in college. ive been out of high school for 3 years and that dosnt make it very easy but ive been working my butt off and getting really good grades. i thought it would be a lot harder then this. oh well. hey heartless its great to see you back again. havnt talked to you in a long long time. (prally cause im almost never on here) oh well .... all yall have a great day and ill type at ya laterz S.S.
  9. well it kinda sux and it wasnt easy but i have decided to put the marriage off a little bit. just to give us time to get to know each other a little better. we really didnt give ourselves enough time so it kinda was creating problems in that we were getting really stressed out trying to get it all done so i just decided instead of getting in fights about it we would just put it off a little bit. i figure that wating is somethign that you can fix but getting married to quick and ending up miserable is something that you cant fix. so we are holding off a wee bit. i think i have quite a bit of growing up to do before i make a decision like that. ive been praying a lot and trying to find what Gods will in this situation. ive been talking to as many halppily married couples as i can and getting there thoughts and opinions on problems that might come up but im sure yall dont wanna hear about all this. ill talk to yall later S.S.
  10. as of december 12 i am engaged to be married. after so many years of looking for a girl i finnaly found one that is more then i ever hoped or dreamed for. we are planning on getting married on the 20 of march 2005. i will get pictures as soon as i can and post them on here. i seriously dont know how i got so lucky. shes a girl i used to work with at a grocery store and she was always the one that i wished would even notice me but she had a boy friend and i was a total dork at the time. then four years down the line she starts working at the same place that i do. i was still thinking that she was so high above me there was no way in heck that anything would ever happen. well i finnally got the courage to ask her to go grab something to eat. well she said she would take a rain check on it and i odviously assumed that she was blowing me off. well come to find out she wanted to but she hadnt quite figured out how to break it off with the guy she was with well a couple weeks later i thought o what the heck ill ask her again just for the crap of it. well she said yes then the next time i saw her she asked if i wanted to come out to her house to watch a movie well its been 9 months and now we have decided we want to spend the rest of our lives together. at first i was hesitant but i realized there is no logical reason not to except ,because i was scared of change. now im completely at peace with it. im so excited i can barely contain myself. i just had to tell yall even tho im sure there is very few people who will read all this but hey what can i say. SS
  11. well im sitting in my computer class right now waiting for my bumbuling idiot of a teacher to come in cause hes late.... im bored oughta my mind so i thought i would jump on here and see whats up with yall... how has everyone been i havnt had the chance to get on here for quite some time with starting college and everything but i prally will whenever im here now.... well he just stumbled in the door so i guess i prally better go. ttfn S.S.
  12. this is where i belive corperal punishment should come into play..... he should have an apointment with the electric chair.... why allow a scum bag like this to live out his life in a prison. where i have to pay for him to eat. its bogus. he probably wont even spend his whole life in there. they will prally let him out after a while after he is "rehabilitated" so he can just go do it again. our system of justice in this country needs some work. i mean stuff like what martha steward did is wrong but for there to be the same penalty for that as for something like rape is just wrong. i have read story after story about guys that are repeat offenders and they let em out early on paroll of for good behavior and they just go right back out and do it again. so my solution for this problem would be ..... SHOOT EM S.S.
  13. hey what do you say to this.... romans 1:24-32..... i will just post high lights.... 24. "Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleaness, through the lust of there own hearts, to dishonor themselves among themselves. 26. "for this cause GOD gave them up unto VILE AFFECTIONS: for even there women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: 27. "and licke wise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in there lust one toward another, MEN WITH MEN WORKING THAT WHICH IS UNSEEMLY, AND RECEIVING IN THEMSELVES THAT RECOMPENSE OF THERE ERROR WHICH WAS MEET. 28. " And even as they did not retain GOD in there knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; 29 " being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness, full of envy, murder, debate,............................... 30. .................... 31. " without understanding, covenat breakers , WITHOUT NATURAL AFFECTIONS, implaccable, unmerciful: 32 . WHO, KNOWING THE JUDGMENT OF GOD, THAT THEY WHICH COMMIT SUCH THINGS ARE WORTHY OF DEATH, NOT ONLY DO THE SAME, BUT HAVE PLEASURE IN THEM THAT DO THEM. i think its pretty plain from these passages that God has a problem with homosexuality and i dont see how you can get around it ... he spells it out... "doing that which is unnatural"... "men with men" women with women" "to dishonor there own bodies between themselves" and i dont really care what other "christians" say to try to get around it i go by what the bible says and the bible makes it pretty plain. but you are going to belive what you want to belive and somone who dosnt want to belive what the bible says will alwayz find a way to get around it by "wresting (or twisting) the scriptures"
  14. i tottaly agree with playya there... the Bible says that "all have sinned and come short of the glory of God" so i cant feel like im any better then a homosexual. now personnaly i think its quite disgusting and wrong but according to the Bible its a sin just like me lying about something little when it really wouldnt hurt anyone. the Bible says we should love the sinner and hate the sin. and more christioans need to start looking at it thru Gods eyes and see that the seemingly little stuff that they do everyday is sin just like homosextuality or murder or anything else.... now we could go into the whole "sadam and gamorrah" thing but somone could read the same verses as me and say they mean a tottaly diferent thing... but what it says is... (im not sure if i will get these quotes exactly right cause i dont have my bible right here) but it says that .... they commited wickedness the men with the men and the women with the women doing that which is unnatural.... it also says that then men of the city told Lot to let the two men come out of his house that they may know them... and lot told them to not do this evil unot them.. again im paraphrasing cause i dont have my bible but thats what it says if you care to look it up... ill look it up and post the correct quotes on here later...... but what that says to me is that these two cities were full of sodomites... homosexuals. and God said it was a wicked city and burned it with fire and brimstone. i think its pretty clear from the scriptures that homosexuality is a sin. thats why it think it is. not beause i heard somone else say it but because i read it in the bible and i belive that the bible is the word of God whos all powerful and all knowing so who am i to argue with what he wrote. ps i am not trying to be offensive with this post just saying what i belive based on the Bible S.S.
  15. hey.. how has everyone been?? i havnt had the chance to come in here in a long while cause ive been working so much and had so much other crap going on... but i will try to come in more often from now on and check up on yall.. make sure you arnt being naughty in my forum well ill talk at yall later ...... adios S.S.
  16. Shadow Slayer

    How old?

    21 aghhhh the magical age. (stil act like im 16 tho )
  17. well im not trying to gain or lose weight.... im 6'1" and weigh 150.. im not really bulked up but im very fit and in shape. i really like my body just the way it is. i suppose it would be kinda nice to be all bulked up but i really just like myself the way i am. and the girls dont seem to have a problem with it either.... this is kinda off the subject but does anyone have a web site that i could upload the pictures of my special forces training too? so that i can post them here? i wanted to put them on congregations web site so i could show all ya'll when i got back but his site expired. oh well if anyone would be willing to do that just send me and email at philip_e15@hotmail.com. thx a bunch. ttfn S.S.
  18. must be nice to have the money for all that stuff ^ ^^^ ^ but seriously how much does a good body kit for the sunfire cost:??? how much did you pay total for all the modifications on yours (Ioh and bye the way mine is silver for now) im looking at gettig 2 type R 10 in. woofers and build thoe in to the trunk along with my MTX 15" with a new amp to boot. then i will just build it up piece bye piece to a true pimp mobile. but that could take a while with my limited funds at the moment S.S.
  19. lez do it actually im looking at eventually getting a body kit and new rims and all that good stuff really trick it out.... but right now it just has ground effects and a few other kewl things but oh well. S.S.
  20. well i finally got a new car.... "(was driving a 90 dodge caravan) its a 2001 pontiac sunfire. with detailing.. its a pretty sweet little ride and my sound system sounds realllllly good in it. (1000 watt amp 1 15" sub) eventually i want to get a body kit for it and pimp it out big time but its kewl for now. it sure turns heads when i drive (or should i say thump) down the road.... im gonna try to get some pics and post em. plus when i do that ill post the ones from when i was training with the us army special forces in north carolina. yall would probly like those..... ok well i think thats everything sooooo yall have a good night... S.S.
  21. congatulations darlin shes very pretty. reminds me of when me neice was born . (who im holding on me lap as i write this) sorry i didnt post in this topic sooner its just that with working all the time and everything i really odnt have much time to get on the forums anymore oh well. again congrats on a beautiful little girl. ttfn. S.S.
  22. saw saug whatever. all i know is it was really fun to shoot ok im done S.S. it might be a while on the pics thos guys.
  23. oki keep seeing this word addaptation pop up. well you know what adaptation truly is? all it is is we have a gene pool as a "species" and all adaptation is is the small amount of variation allowed within that gene pool. but there are limits and you see that when you look at, say for example you look at the pygmy horses they breed and stuff like that. yah they are slightly different from the original horse but they could still mate and bear offspring. this "adap[tation dosnt by any means prove evolution in fact it proves the opposite because you will notice that the closerr the species gets to the limits of there gene pool the shorter there life span is and the more suceptible they are to disease and harmful mutation. in other words you can keep breeding horses to get smaler and smaler horses but you will never get a horse as small as a ant. why? because yes god did create in these animals space for variation so that they could live in different climates but there is a definent limit.. take for example corn. do you know how long they have been cross breeding corn to try and make a bigger and better corn stalk? wel they have found that if you tamper with it too much and try to make it better it eventually just breaks down and you have to take one step back from it and thats the best you can do. therefore yes there is "micro evolution" (variation) but there is no macro evolution. i get so sick of people using micro to try to prove macro... just because some animals have gone to opposit sides of the gene pool dosnt mean that there going to poof change into another animal. and if macro evolution happens show me an example today of it happening. look at the gazzele in africa. the weaker get eaten all the time but hey guess what??? there still gazeles. and they always will be . ok im donw. ' S>S>
  24. we have had two cops talk to us but we told em we were with the us military and explained the whole thing and they ended up letting us go. about the only accident we had was when one of our guys was on a ruck march. (marching with a 145 pund ruck sack on his back) and he pulled a muscle in his back really bad. thats about it though... yah my car seems to be working fine sooo hopefully it will get me home without breaking down... oh and i came back just to make sure everything was ok with my car and do some laundry... well im getting some pics developed right now so they should be ready in about half an hour then ill send em to greg and maybe he can put em on his web site so that i can post em here. ohwe ll i gotz to go sooo ill talk to you all later.. S.S.
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