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  1. [FeaR]Suri


    i agree with both the standards and rules of the gc servers and the gc community. SteamID = STEAM_0:0:5843033 ty as well.
  2. [FeaR]Suri

    ROFL... Valve update

    yea things are rly weird for me objects refuse to load until im like next to them the only good thing is i can see fof behind them!
  3. [FeaR]Suri


    STILL banned unband PLZ STEAM_0:0:5843033 ty
  4. [FeaR]Suri


    thx, dont forget about commando too
  5. [FeaR]Suri


    I posted for requested unban in Acids main thread on the huge ban...thingy about a day ago and I go on today to see the ban still up A quick resolution would be very much apprectiated as I too believe the GC servers to be my favorite to frequent STEAM_0:0:5843033 ty
  6. [FeaR]Suri


    # 4709 "#team.FeaR | Gεn.ﮎuЯi[G_G]" STEAM_0:0:5843033 00:22 81 0 active i got teh weird ban! prob cause of those stupid s, r, and e characters i got from subzero... unban is kthx ty
  7. [FeaR]Suri

    Unban Request

    ty! ^.^
  8. Hi. I'm requestin an unban. I play on your midwest #1 server and scoutznknifez server quite often. Infact i was playing on both just last night. When i woke up this morning though I found that I had been banned from the midwest #1 server. I tried to find a post in the midwest #1 forums to see if any reported me and I could not find my name. I do not know why I was banned and would appreciate an unban. # 3133 "[FeaR]General Suri*R" STEAM_0:0:5843033 00:09 60 0 active