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  1. I get that a few people may think that I have been using cheats during the time i've played, and I can understand that my playstyle can add to that, but let me tell you something... I. DO. NOT. CHEAT. Nor have I ever cheated in any competitive multiplayer games. In fact I hate cheaters. I play with them all the time in csgo, and if I had the power I would ban them instantly when I see them, but even if I did I would still allow them to make a case for themselves and allow them to argue that they do not cheat. Me on the other hand,I was given nothing. I was not told what kind of cheats that people accused me of using, I was not able to see exactly what "evidence" you had on me to rightfully accuse me of cheating, and instead of asking me if I cheat you decided to just ban me and give me two responses stating only that you thought I cheated, and that you "discussed it over" and still thought I cheated and ended the discussion of the matter at that. Now I play A LOT of first-person shooter games. I've also played several hours of l4d2, over 2500 to be exact. That is a lot of experience for one game. and I'd bet that about half of those hours are from playing on gc, thats still over 1000 hours playing on one server, playing with all the same people, doing all the same maps and attacks. Now I'm the type of person that can notice patterns quickly and figure out the kind of playstyle that other players have. So when I see who I'm playing against I have a pretty good idea of what type of attack they are going to do and where they are going to do it. Now you can argue that this sounds a lot like someone who uses walls, but its not. A majority of people who play usually have several spots on each map that they are comfortable with attacking from and they know that they work because they have used them many times, so its very understandable that they are going to keep attacking from that spot because it works. So when I play I anticipate attacks from places because I've seen them used countless times and I know who used them. But I don't just stand in one spot waiting for someone to attack from a certain area. I anticipate attacks from everywhere. I constantly look around searching for an SI that is coming in to attack. But maybe you don't think that I am wall hacking, maybe you think think i'm aimbotting. Well i'm sorry but i'm not, I really am that good at aiming sometimes. I have my off days like everyone else, but some days I'm just on and I can aim like a csgo pro. Like I said, I've played A LOT of FPS games. One of which is counter strike. I have quite a few hours of counter strike and anybody who has played csgo knows that it is widely based on aim and angles. When you play csgo for a while you learn all the different angles people use and if you've ever watched a person stream the game or if you've seen any professional games then you'll notice that players tend to flick their crosshair around to each spot because they've either been killed there before or they saw someone else get killed from there before so they anticipate it and check it to make sure its clear. Well that's how I like to play. If you've spectated me in game you've probably noticed I like to flick around checking several places while I move around. Well that's not because I cheat. It's because I've got countless hours playing games like that where you check one spot and see that its clear only to get hit from there the second you look away. I have never cheated before in a competitive game and I never will cheat. I actually like to gain skill by actually playing the game. In fact i usually take complaints about me cheating as compliments. Now I hope you take the time to read this and use this to reconsider permanently banning me. And if you'd like, I can stream myself playing the game to show you that I do not use cheats, although my stream may not be the best quality as well as my performance may not be the best considering my computer isn't built to stream and play games. But I am willing to show that I am innocent of these offenses. Have a good day!
  2. Hi, I play L4D2 for years, when I found your server, was incredible, your server Its Amazing, I dont really know about suicide was a fault, Im so sorry, I was playing a campaign a few hours ago with Maestro, we won the campaign, a really hard but we won, then all the people said: good bye, so, the server was empty, just me and another one start other campaign, of course Maestro was in spectator, and I jump and suicide, I accept and Sorry, I have never rushed, i have never said a bad word, I have never said something wrong to an ADMIN, I respect so much the admin, Im friendly with the others, if exist any posibility for unbanned me, I will so happy Thanks, I only play L4D2 and this servers is the only fun that I have Thanks for read this.
  3. Thank you MPG1770 for the link to the rules. 4) Stacking/ Team switching to win What is it: Switching to the winning team or team with more players in order to win Why is it bad: Makes game less fun for the losing team. When is it allowed: When an admin switches you or you move from the winning team to the losing team to balance the game As you can see the rule says no switching teams to stack the teams or move to a winning team in order to win. That in essence is the reason for the rule, fair balanced teams. My friend and I would have been glad to have been placed on a losing team together so long as we could play on the same team. You stated "You CANNOT move teams just to be on same side as your friend". We have been switching teams for weeks to be on the same team on this server so we believed that is acceptable especially since it does not violate the purpose of the rule. You are the first mod to say or do anything. And yes we violated 3) Language; Encouraging others to grief, spamming voice/text chat. But only after you moved us and told us "you cannot play together on this server, which is incorrect. You lost our respect and I believe eastwood981 let you have an earful. Like I said before we had no prior history of foul or abusive language. We actually talk on steam private chat. Also as a moderator if someone says they are playing with a friend it is common courtesy to allow them to do so. You took a narrow minded stance and told us that we could not be on the same team which is a incorrect statement. It would have taken you less than a minute to let us switch to a team together then balance the teams. That is good moderation. Definition of moderator: an arbitrator or mediator. You did not try to talk to us and come to a solution, you just said this is how it's going to be and that's it. That is bad moderation. I would like for a board member like PeanutButterNJelly or crasx to give a non-biased opinion on the matter. As I see it they will probably side with the moderator but none the less I am curious.
  4. 1. Give us as much information as possible. Team VS L4D2 10 vs 10 server #1 In game name: sportsman and my friend eastwood981 Steam ID: ellis2567 and eastwood981 Banned by: MaestroPG.gc 2. State precisely what happened. My friend and I were having a good time on your server playing together (on the same team) and a new game started. My friend was placed on the other team. He re-joined my team and then was told by the admin not to switch teams. My friend told him he wanted to play with his friend and the admin said ,"not on this server" and booted him. I called the admin out on it for booting him for wanting to play with me on my team. He booted me also. 3. Take responsibility for your own actions. My actions were to defend my friend, of course I take responsibility for that. 4. Apologize. I apologise for calling him a British (accent) donkey hole and a douche, but he had it coming. 5. Flatter us. Fun server until the admin ruined it. 6. Assure us that your behaviour will change for the better. I promise to play with my friend and not be an asshat, as long as we are treated fairly and not booted for wanting to play on the same team.
  5. hi guys ! I was banned and not know why. please I want to play on this server again. thank you! My username is Teteco, My steam id : STEAM_0:1:50948934
  6. Dear Admins of Gamrs.co Hi my steam id is F4NCY i was banned permanently on 1/29/15 for my rudeness to other players and using a derogatory word towards a player. I called a person a hacker and that he used aim bot because i was frustrated that i had died several times as infected. Im very sorry that i was rude to the person and falsely accused a member of hacking and if i could i would apologize directly to him/her. Ive been playing on my friends account ever since i got banned on your server so i really like your server and i wish that you would consider unbanning me as i will assure you this will never happen again. I will not accuse people of hacking anymore and not be rude to other players. I hope i can get a second chance to prove myself. -Sincerely F4NCY My steam id is STEAM_1:1:97815117
  7. I was banned on 2-7-15 at 3:10am, for what I thought was blurting out damn-it. But I looked it up and apparently I was also complaining about some team mates being knuckleheads and not sticking together. Well, I probably was complaining. No surprise there. I would like to be unbanned. I promise to keep my complaints to myself in the future. I'll also make sure to watch my language. I like playing on the gamers coalition servers, and I try to be a good team player. Sorry if I complained too much.
  8. Hi Mercman, I am posting on behalf of haraganjosse, who plays as Max Rockatansky. STEAM_1:1:74814656
  9. I apologize for my attitude today. I have no excuse. I'm not asking to be unbanned or anything. I just want to apologize for what I say to you. - Jc
  10. I was playing on Left 4 Dead 2 10v10 server #2. During the first part of Blood Harvest, half my team was incapacitated in spawn and tank was coming, so I decided to suicide by jumping off the cliff. The admin in the server at the time was MaestroPG.gc, and he gave me a permanent ban on 12-14-14 at 10:55 pm est. I totally understand why I was banned, and I take full responsibility of my actions. I am a regular on the Left 4 Dead 2 10v10 servers, and this was my first offense. I enjoy the Left 4 Dead 2 servers that you provide, and I hope you can remove my ban. Thank you. Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:2487371
  11. The server I played the most is and I believe this happened like a year ago. An admin thought I was making fun of a girl that sound like a guy. All I said was "YOU SOUND LIKE A GUY, ARE YOU TRANNY?" and boom I was banned by an admin. The admin thought I was being serious but I was actually just joking and everyone in the server including HER knows that, but the admin don't know that because he just joined the server and assume I was being jerk the whole time. I really do apologize if I insulted anyone by my action but I was really just joking around that time. Here is my steam I.D. STEAM_0:1:35612989 Thank You and once again I deeply apologize.
  12. Hi there Admins, i just started up left for dead 2 (haven't played for quite some time). And to my surprise i was banned from my favorite server, I don't know why since it was ages ago that i played. But i can imagine it had something to do with language, i got quite the sailors mouth sometimes; which is not all that charming. i graciously and humbly ask that you great ones lift my ban and allow me to play with you once more, and i pledge to do my uttermost to avoid speaking like a, like a... dang it's hard to describe it without cursing. but i assume that you get the point that I am trying to make. My sincerest apologies for any misstep that i have made in the past, my steam ID is (if I've done it correctly) STEAM_0:1:23783968 At the time i think i went under the name Cletus Tuckson, or "The baby jesus"
  13. Hello friend of gamrs.co ..... I think that makes your day was banned l4d2 server, and would like to know why was the ban at the time did not know much about the game and servers. If I made any mistake I apologize, and if they could remove the ban I hope your answer (my English is bad - Sorry)
  14. Good afternoon, First I'm brazilian guy and my english is bad. Sorry! So, today i'm banned, and i dont know why! I´m not a rusher, and not offended anybody. There how to review the expulsion? Thanks.
  15. I was playing on gcs l4d2 server and one of the admin name maiestro.gc something cant remember his name banned me for pointing out that some of the player from his team jumping off of the 3rd floor elevator on hard rain and suiciding. ( I was on his team ) people from other team were complaining about the suiciding so I said cause we have admin on our side it doesnt matter what we do. After that maiestro.gc banned me I didnt rush,grief,curse or break any rule. Prior to that, I was playing on no mercy and the opposite team was on 4th map where you have to go up on a elevator and 2 of them died through a glitch elevator floor, the admin I mentioned earlier wasn't there but he just join. I think other team asked to re spawn the 2 people died from the glitch and he did respawn them. Few minutes later we death charged a guy he respawned and he respawned him again so my team were asking him why did he respawned him maietro.gc didnt say anything so I was bit salty after that cause he was favoring the team he was on. same thing happened on dead center finale we had a guy glitch from a charger and die I ask maiestro.gc to re spawn him he did nothing cause it wasn't his team. please someone take a look into this
  16. We aren't sure what happened, but can you please add BrickDaddyShark back to the whitelist on the Minecraft server? If something happened, please let me know.
  17. I was banned for... well, I'm not sure. I wasn't given a reason. The last image I had prior to my ban, was being long distance charged, while holding my baby chompski. Also prior to my ban, your admin Meng.mc.admin, was banning people for the reason - 'Goodnight'. It was unjustified as many of your users, one of them being Idle Mexican, was calling the admin out for the unjust bans. It's also difficult to decipher what they say a lot of the time, as their english is quite poor. -Saint
  18. Looking at the forum, and the pinned threads, and some people-made threads as well, I suppose I write here to sort this out, right? I even read the guide too so I hope I do this right. Here's my stuff: | steamname: ♥Miss Squishy♥ | steamID32: STEAM_0:0:30959577 | steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198022184882 | customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/MissSquishy | steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198022184882 Time of the banning: around 3:00 AM EST (7/26/14) Names involved: Not entirely sure exactly who, but even if I did, I'm sure you guys already know. What happened: Well I was playing on your #1 server in No Mercy, and I was slightly ahead with two other players. From what I've read in other posts on this forum, I was rushing apparently and didn't realize the severity of my actions until someone started complaining. So after said complaint started happening, I even went back to help with the other two people I was "rushing" with to help, only to get killed. BUT, I do admit it was my fault, because I never rush, and the one time I do I get banned lol. I always try to help, always heal the reds with my medkit to get points, always send points out when downed, you know the drill. So yes, I was completely wrong in what I did. But I do enjoy your L4D2 servers and hope for the best that I get unbanned. The servers are always full and it is really fun at times, it would be a shame if I couldn't enjoy 10 VS 10 Versus in your servers anymore. All in all, I apologize. For rushing. For being stupid. Also for making certain people angry apparently. Even though it was my first rush mistake, it certainly will be my last. I should've just stayed in the back like I usually do You know would be awesome? A #3 third server. Just an idea but with all of the complications of getting another server, costs, etc. I'm pretty sure it won't happen but if it did that would be awesome. I would probably donate for it too... It's not like I don't waste enough money on TF2 crap anyways. So I'm sorry for blabbing and being stupid. And please forgive me. Thank you for your time.
  19. Hey all! I was on an awesome l4d2 server which I enjoyed. *Keep in mind I havent played in a while I started playing again like yesterday" Then I was yelled at by an admin , A LOT! "GET BACK TO YOUR TEAM BEFORE I BAN YOU!" "YOU WILL BE BOOTED" Those were things he would say. I tried getting back but I was banned..... Is there anyway to lift the ban or something I really like the server!
  20. My name is Italo, I have a steam account molina_italo and I was playing on one of their servers (gcftw.com |! # 1 buy 10v10) when I was banned ... For various matches the administrator of this server had warned me about the flood chat ... being that I was not writing anything. Then I was sent off for griefering. Also playing was normal, until the last match before I get banned I was frozen twice ... then I was banned! Is there any mistake I made and apologize ... will not happen anymore, and wanted to congratulate the server because of all I've played so far only this one had a stable connection ... also really liked this plugin purchase items! Also I apologize if English is bad writing here because I am Brazilian and I have difficulties in writing in English ... so much for writing it I used google translator! I apologize for what I have done wrong and congratulate the server at work ... and ask for a chance to play on this server again!
  21. Hello, good day. So, I downloaded L4D2 and started playing in one of your many servers (Left 4 dead 2, #2), and I got banned due to my rushing style gameplay. I did not read the rules of the server, and I apologize. (I didn't know that rushing was forbidden, it was my fault) As soon as I got warned I turned back and started my fallback to the group of survivors, in that moment I got banned. Again, I apologize for what happened, and I firmly say and assure that it won't happpen again, as I will play teammate-like. Thanks for your consideration. My data: Steam profile. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198018754063/ steam id: STEAM_0:1:29244167 Time of ban: 1 pm (-3 GMT) In-game name: Potato. I'd be grateful.
  22. I am So sorry for Spamming and not watching my language my Steam ID is TheDeathGod please lift my ban! Please lift it ur Servers are awesome please? I was being mean and I was Saying Some bad words and i was spamming to much so please can you unban me from CSGO? Sincerely, TheDeathGod
  23. We were playing on the map Dead Air. I used my points to respawn myself, and when I came back I was being chased by a Tank. I was also cut off from my team because a car was in way. I was not rushing I was only trying to stay alive. I do know and follow the rules. I apologize for making the admins mad and breaking the no rushing rule. It was not my intention to ruse I was just running from a Tank. Please Unban me I enjoy the server. Thank you.
  24. Please help, I've been banned from your CSGO server. I threw a grenade and hit friendlies. I must have TK'd one of them but I didn't notice before I was kicked and banned. This mistake most likely happened because I was getting about 80% choke and very high packet loss at the time. My ping was hitting about 300. There were about 2 or 3 other people in my house using the internet, so I shouldn't have been playing under those conditions in the first place. I was banned on June 1st @ 7pm on the map entitled Inferno. I apologize for the mistake. I'm often a team leader, not someone who attacks teammates. This was entirely a mistake. If you're able to check, I was likely leading the team in kills when I was kicked/banned so you know I'm not one of the those people who TK's others. Can you please allow me back? Your server has sweet ping!. My steam name is Sgt. Taylor I believe my ID is STEAM_1:0:62187652 Thanks so much for your time.
  25. I've been banned for rushing because I was following the other players. I did not know that I was in the wrong for this. I was just trying to help the other players. My steam name vincortez. The server name that I was banned from in L4D2 is gcftw.com / !buy 10v10 #1, 2. Steam userID STEAM_1:0:398 456 2 0. I apologize and would like to request that you unban me from these two servers as they are my favorite team versus servers. Thank you for your time.
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