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  1. Found out yesterday that buying MC accounts is suspicious activity to CC companies (overseas, etc?) and that you can't buy more than one account and one gift code in a short time period from seemingly the same IP or same name or whatever....great fun having a friend create a couple accounts for me yesterday.....and....I never got to play! :-p Big thanks to Tirtul for helping my girls out! The question: how will the kids who come in tomorrow find that little stake of land where the girls started? Tirtul you have your statement prepared? (i asked him to give me some sort of union address, sorta like a welcome from the host, maybe a quick FAQ or helpful instructions to get set up, reminders about not touching what's not yours, etc). These kids Friday will be self sufficient.
  2. I would pick you up after you dropped and rolled from a train nearby, if I was allowed to video. Not sure the machine would live though.
  3. <walks in, looks around.....stares blankly, blinking once or twice.....> <...> <walks out>
  4. Ok, posted up a few names for this evening (in the whitelist thread). San, as for numbers for Friday I have 16 slips that have been returned thus far (aside from me and my 3). I don't know that everyone will be trying for the same time on Friday.....but there you go.
  5. Fatty_gc <----some newb Buddy_gc <----Mya ZebraLover_gc <-----Elena I have one more to add, but you can go ahead with those for this evening if you don't mind.
  6. There will be roughly 40 names, but I couldn't say if they'll all play Friday night..... Possibly today I'll have 4 names to add to the list tonight or tomorrow so my girls and I can toy around tomorrow night and get started. Yes, one will be Fatty_gc (I'll probably underscore and tag my children with gc as well so you guys can identify them) Hey now....I made an historical name change to make it appropriate like it is! (back in the day I would have cleaned that emoticon up to work....actually you're looking at a cleaned up emoticon from a different board color... ​ ) <-----rofl, they're all still in there..
  7. Hide your sheep, hide your wives. These aren't toddlers, and they respect me. Is there a message that you'd like to send to them beyond what we've discussed? What were the problem with the 2 kids? Have faith. Could be fun! (ps. this brings me back to my original question of having a separate server.....revisit that if you wish....but I think the "life" that it might pump back into an idle world might be fun / interesting.....who knows, I haven't even played yet so it's not for me to decide)
  8. Ok, I haven't had time to check out MC online yet, but I do have a rough timeline: Now through Friday: Chick, et al, Finish your malls, etc. :-p Today I plug the GC server to my chess club and give them forms if they want. Wednesday, day Meeting during my lunch with approximately 30-40 5th graders to give them the form to fill out. Wednesday night Myself and my girls will need whitelisted. Hopefully I'll have the usernames prior to that. Someone tell me about any name format restrictions, otherwise I'll end up being Fatty_gc..... Friday, day I'll submit the names of students who have signed agreement to the rules for addition to the whitelist. Friday evening Well, I expect that this weekend you should see some extra miners running around. Future? Invite more students? 4th grade? Some middle schoolers will probably be involved because my chess club is grades 4 and up.... ---------- Now, if anyone wants to create some sort of welcome "sign" or creation, our school is WIS (Woodridge Intermediate School). Maybe some gateway to the frontier or something funny...honestly I have no grasp of what things in your current world look like....nor how they're about to change.... Maybe you guys would be on there to present some sort of gift (like a stone pickaxe or something?) when they arrive.....no idea. I'm sure: -you'll be super friendly (but don't spoil them!) -you'll let me know of ANY breaking of the rules
  9. I'm considering getting my feet wet first tonight and setting up my own account. Why aren't you newbs wearing your GC tags in the server....didn't see any of those in the other thread?
  10. Then why did i need to give you my bank account information? rofl makes me wonder why he already hit me up for my bra size, which I found even more unusual...cause that's really private, you know?
  11. The kids won't need any special mods for our server will they? Just the MC right out of the box....like $27 or whatever, right?
  12. I need to know: for the whitelist, do you need their login information (email, i think) or the username they use in the game? *edit* I looked through that other thread.....looks like their usernames.....correct if I'm wrong. I haven't even signed my girls up yet, so I don't know how many different variables are involved....so what controls people changing usernames for whitelists? Like could I read that other thread, change my MC name to that, and sneak in?
  13. I'd say you have about a week to finish this then. I plan to purchase for my girls next week and get them on there perhaps Wednesday and Thursday.....during which time I'll pass out the fliers to the kids here at school that gives the rules and the address. On Friday (14th) afternoon I'll post up the users for the white list at that point, and hopefully that evening and weekend you'll see some fun new traffic. I'd just like to say that I'm happy that I can write something like this to parents (who basically pay my salary) and be proud of it. ...and it goes on with the rules I copied from the other page. It will also give them this website address to post any questions or whatever. Thanks for what you guys do. Prepare for an invasion. If there's any MineCraft specific stuff you need me to give them (i.e. don't touch other people's stuff) then let me know.....I don't know enough about play beyond what my girls and I have done on the pocket version...where nobody goes on unless we do.
  14. Ok. This all sounds good. As my classes have gone through today, a quick poll shows about 10-12 PC playing MCers that would be interested (aside from my 3 kids and me). That's only half of the 5th grade (my daughter is on the other half, and would no doubt have others to invite). It only helps me that the rules are like they used to be (sigh, what, 15 years ago we started in 1999 with this thing, lol) in the case that the kid says their teacher invited them to somewhere online.....I'll just edit out the "dick" in the rules on the other page and have the kids sign them in front of me to get on the list.
  15. The reason I'm thinking of a new (separate) server is because of the stats....they tend to pull some people in and keep em. If that doesn't much matter, then it doesn't matter. How long has this one been up and running?
  16. Ok, so what do I do to get 1st) my kids whitelisted random 5th graders whitelisted user names on minecraft? (i know this is the cart before the horse, but i'll help me get things set up mentally) Then I'll give them the IP and we'll see what happens. The future of GC and FFO.....here they come.....
  17. Seriously, it would be super cool if I could create a world just for these guys (and you guys if you want).
  18. So, about the mob of 5th graders I could send to the server.....can we make a new one / separate one without taxing our current box?
  19. I assume there's plenty of room for them to mess around....no need for server resets or restarts.....the stats I glimpsed at don't mean much to me. Whitelist....meaning it's sorta like a members only thing? Some of my students (5th grade, all about minecraft) wanted to play with my girls when I get them going.....but that won't work because you sorta need your name on a list, is that correct? I appreciate all the replies....you'll see them in there soon I'm sure. I just have to figure out when to pull the trigger (not on a flippin school night, that's for sure)....
  20. Also, noticed the "add minecraft to steam" video and tips......can someone tell me what the advantage of this would really be? They both have steam accounts with games, but also do stuff through the web with accounts unrelated...just want to know why I should bother linking the games through steam.....what's the benefit?
  21. That's cool. I try to talk them into playing L4D on our server....but our server is pretty intense in that....I tell them "girls, my people will look out for you." They just stare at me and join random servers. (my youngest is like level 40 on payday2.....just by playing randomly...) Is this the server mod where you sorta have a "yard" that belongs to you? An that it's sorta protected? Thanks Dude, and any / all thoughts are welcome.
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