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  1. nice, a friend of mine took the asvab weeks back, he got a pretty high score as well. When he talked to his army recruiter, he suggested for him to go to the USAF, which he ended up doing. He was glad he transferred over couple of my friends joined this year air force / navy. I myself went into the air force, I leave this December 11, 2012 for basic and off to Mississippi for tech school, got a job lined up for me as an ATC, def. excited for it. just do some research and ask any questions you have, best of luck.
  2. LoL, water was on the other side, took the pic like this because the sun was on the other side and it gave better light haha this was at blue water bridge, port huron. and, it's a small-mouth bass, we usually catch some bass, walleyes, and some pike haven't caught a catfish yet, I'd like to catch me some salmon soon tho yuummm
  3. insomniiiaaaaa

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    2. Biggs


      I usually try reading a book

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      But you don't know how to read Biggs

    4. Lookback


      Just sound it out: "B-I-G..." see you're getting it

  4. Sedah


    lemme know how it goes to those who apply =)
  5. I think Sky should officially be our bank D3, so much millions, don't know what to do with it =)
  6. wow that's interesting, tested it and it works, but seems to only work with what UnID you have, couldnt figure out how it works for people linking it in chat.
  7. lousiest, rejoin that LOL, deleted that other one.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/DiabloIIIAuctionHouse?bookmark_t=page another place for us to buy/sell armors/weapons etc. )w
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