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  1. Hey guys! As I've been playing in The Coalition I've had a great time and your guys are all awesome, however, it's quite desolate on the hours I'm on. The most I've ever seen online at one time has been 5 members and usually are always busy doing something else. So I'm sorta thinking about moving on to another legion just to find some more people to group up with etc. I have everyone on my friends list though and still intend to talk with you all. Or I'm open to merging with other members to another, larger, Legion. I just don't think The Coalition Legion is going to go anywhere anytime soon. :/ Iconic and Twilight Order, I have been told, are good Legions to be apart of (to throw names out there). I hate leaving and really wish The Coalition had a stronger build to it but I don't see it happening, especially without an active leader. I'm not disappearing though! I'll be around here and of course in game. ^^
  2. I'll go wherever you guys go. And I will so be a spy for you guys. *ninja*
  3. Yeah it's lame. You have to remake your sig every time you want to change the picture.
  4. I'd love to try to take lead but with work and class I just don't have enough time to focus on it like I'd like to. I'm all for merging or finding another legion to join though. I actually also created an Elyos on Vaizel to get to know the Elsea landscape for better rift jumping on Lob. >3
  5. I was playing around with this on aionsource and you can change the image on your card. If you log in on the forums on the main website you'll have a page all about your selected character. If you click on the small avatar of the asmodian it will bring you to your character's detailed page with all the items they're wearing etc. Under that image it will say "Change My Picture". You will then get a current 3D image of your character in which you can take a picture of their face. And then that will be on your card.
  6. (Wasn't sure where to put this.) Hello gamers! Just posting a little intro post. I'm a IRL friend of Ebil and just recently began playing Aion. I'm currently in the legion "The Coalition" as the Cleric Lobselvith. I'm a big MMO fan but I play pretty much everything. As far as other things go, I'm an avid artist. This is my deviantart page: http://maya-chan.deviantart.com . I draw mostly manga-esk style (trying to gain more of a fusion style *American/Manga mix*). Now with being involved with Aion I will be drawing a lot of Aion fanart. If you're interested in having your Aion character drawn just let me know and I'll see what I can do. Looking forward to being an active member in the forums as well as in game.
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