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  1. We may need to see if we can turn the Zoey model off. It was affecting gameplay today. This guy was nearly voted out because they thought he was just standing there AFK when, in fact, he was incapped while still standing. I think there's a cvars option to limit the amount of Zoey models spawned or just disable it entirely.
  2. VaLvE time is like bullet time... Development goes all slow-moey and you dodge patches like bullets.
  3. They were hacked. I read a story about it yesterday.
  4. Anyone seeing Zoey's animations a little off? I thought maybe it was just my office PC but then I tested at home and it was the same thing. She just floats around. Can't tell when she's down unless she's yelling for help. Out of the 8 survivors she was the only one screwing up. Anyone else seeing this or am I just losing it?
  5. Crud... And just when I was in the market for more space too.
  6. Cinkadeus

    Oh HAI!

    Hey guys! I've been frequenting the GC L4D2 server for a few weeks now and decided it was time to join up and pay my share. I've been really impressed with the quality of gamer at GC and the setup of the server. The admins have always been cordial and rushers usually kicked. As for me, I'm a 5 year veteran of WoW. I'm currently an officer of the number one raiding guild on the Detheroc realm, S E V E N. (That wasn't really being arrogant... I left out that we're the ONLY serious raiding guild on that realm, lol) Recently, I've cut my WoW time down substantially and I'm getting back into FPS. After getting L4D2 for $7 on a steam special, I've got the FPS fever again. I bounced around on several modded Vs servers until I finally found the awesomeness that is the GC server. I generally only play FPS games from my office during my lunch, so you'll mostly see me online between 11a - 1p CST. I go by Cinkadeus (just say 'sink' in game and I'll know you mean me) in everything so if you see that name in any game, its most likely me. I look forward to gaming with you guys! PS: Is there a standardized tag that GC players use? I've seen multiple variants and was just wondering.
  7. Cinkadeus is paid up for standard membership. Now to kill me some survivors. STEAM_1:0:3625214 Paid: 11/7/11
  8. I've played a lot of L4D modded servers and GC is by far the BEST one out there. Good group of guys (and some gals), good admins, just the right amount of mods. Its so good in fact, I'm considering joining. But then we have those flukes like today's lunch time patch that reset the server... Then when it restarted it was pure amateur hour. So anyway, I'll probably sign up this weekend. Thanks, Cink
  9. I go to log on for my usual lunch hour game here at the office and the server is 0/22. I need my fix, gentlemen!
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