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  1. shadowscout

    Changing Full Heal

    decrease the cost of infect med kit and we will call it even =) And this is coming from someone who buys ALOT of med kits though a map 4-7. The fact that you have to stand still to heal leaves you open quite a bit. Have you consider increasing the cast time for medkits instead? give it more of a risk vs. reward effect. Half the time where i get incapped from spit is healing someone or getting healed not to mentioned high pounced charged and boomed. EDIT: Oh your where talking about !heal. Same Thing risk vs reward. Give it a uninterruptible cast time so infected have more of a chance to react and a server announcement. Seen something similar on a old LFD2 server worked out well. 15 points is a huge investment for anyone who isn't a really good shot and I notice most of the time 2 people on a team are getting over 50% of infected kills combined. Etc. Jiggler, swatfish, Got 6 =P
  2. shadowscout

    Leveling System

    PeanutButterNJelly has it right. I love a challenge but getting ROFLstomped just kills it for me. I usually leave after 2-3 levels. Sort by members then non-members would make a huge difference on it's own.
  3. shadowscout

    membership reserve slot not working.

    thanks alot.
  4. got membership so I wouldn't be kicked for a contributing member which happens often. Been 4 days and still getting kicked my id STEAM_1:1:6123751