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Trouble .gc

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    Columbus, Ohio
  1. Trouble .gc

    Dropping by to say heyo!

    Been too long. Hope you all are doing great! Much Love, Trouble, aka Lauren
  2. Trouble .gc

    Wow, I leave for a few years...

    no no, not gunna be able to make it this year :/ works been quite demanding the past few months and its quite difficult to get time off. mom actually gave me a link to the stuff tho, and it was nice to see the 03' and 04' pics. Crazy to see where FF all started eh? glad to have been a part of it! Miss you all, and i DO still read the forums- hope everyone is doing well and Ben (watchtower) sends his regards! Fatty, you best be doing good! take care all, and im sure i'll be posting again soon! cheers and love. Lauren (Trouble, Homegrown, Knock)
  3. Trouble .gc

    Still playing?

    Just wondered if anyone I know from back in the day still plays wow? Yaya, Im still playing, Still on my Druid, Ixia on Bleeding Hollow (alliance) I was really enjoying the new content till My guild put naxx on farm and all the other stuff. now im bored and ready for patch! hope all is well dudes.
  4. Trouble .gc

    Wow, I leave for a few years...

    and all the frag fest pics are gone? what gives?
  5. Trouble .gc

    Just Stopping By..

    hows everyone doing? Hope things are well for you all!
  6. Trouble .gc

    Other hobbies

    very cool x- my dad and grandpa have been doing that for 20-some years. they are actually really cool to watch...use to goto teh flying field with them 2-thumbs-up hobby i know that he gets alot of his models from this website if you feel like checkin it out model airplanes
  7. Trouble .gc

    The Official where your playing thread

    i play wow! Ixia, Bleeding Hollow- PvP 60 druid (alliance)
  8. Trouble .gc

    Sayin Hi!

    Hows everyone doing? Just wanted to pop in and say hello to eveyone (that remembers me.) Hopefully gunna make it to FF to say hello this year. (fatty just needs to keep buggin me about it) Not gunna play though, my pwning days are over... take care everyone Trouble
  9. Trouble .gc

    hi guys

    sorry to all who went to frag fest hoping to see me. a few weeks ago i was in a pretty bad car accident which nearly totalled my car. besides the normal aches and pains from being in an accident i have managed to survive. it was my fault and i was the only car involved...wet roads, and getting cut off and brakes just didn't mix well for me that evening. so i've had my moms car the past week and she really didn't want me driving it the long distance up to hudson, which is really only like 4 hours...but i still don't really like driving. so, i'm sorry i missed...i <3 you all. clicky linky to my car pics...doesn't look as bad as it really was....was goign about 70mph when i crashed into the highway divider. grand total in damages was well over $3800 lucky i am covered with a small deductable
  10. Trouble .gc

    Under 17

    thats a nice little document there
  11. Trouble .gc

    Credit card advice

    DON'T DO IT!
  12. Trouble .gc


    same here.
  13. Trouble .gc

    Blazer for Sale

    lol, funny.