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  1. ^ My brain can't handle it anymore. Ps. Gummybear strikes again.
  2. ^ Yep moderating team is nice. Ps. Gummybear strikes again.
  3. No fun dude, you didn't even let me think.
  4. Test

    Post much?

    Here we go again..
  5. I would also swear if i saw gummy ingame. jk
  6. ^ Same here, I don't trust ZD. Also you JC, i am not trusting you.
  7. If this is the case, throwing a boomer bile near yourself should also have the haze effect on the survivor.
  8. Test

    Post much?

    Gummy, start posting before you lose the battle.
  9. save important files, reformat pc.
  10. ^ wow. dude. *facepalm* i actually clicked the link, my very strong ultra awesome impassable Free Antivirus warned me.
  11. I am using Avira free version since around year 2007.
  12. I trust all the files which are sent to me, but my Antivirus is so smart it lets me know if the file is a bad one. Thank God for antiviruses, without them, I would have not survived in this wretched world wide web.
  13. Test

    Post much?

    You people are too serious. I know what is CPU. *facepalm*
  14. Play with bots you mean, yes it is fun.
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