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  1. trump eats his steaks whit ketchup the absolute monster! sounds like a national tragedy
  2. lordbaby <------few pouces and group boom turn in tank and wipe you all
  3. 9 points for max sounds more sexy, still need 5 max to get tank
  4. that didnt take cares the a-holes and the entire game doesnt take 10 mins in many maps can lower limit and lower points for molly or lower limit of fireworks but make it free but i dont want to make the game any easier for the infected limiting the fireworks makes it much easier for infected
  5. If players don't want to buy fireworks or don't know how to buy them, I doubt increasing the limit is going to make much of a difference. The limit is not too low. If survivors are getting overwhelmed by commons or the special infected at one area, just buy a Molotov. There are some major advantages to buying this: 1. It saves your ammo from shooting the firework crate 2. It allows you to aim where you're going to throw your Molotov 3. It can be used for not only close ranges, but it can also be used for far distances as well 4. It takes less time to buy and use a Molotov compared to the firework crates 5. It makes you less vulnerable to getting stuck and overwhelmed by commons/special infected when using the Molotov due to Advantage #4 Besides, it's not like the survivors abuse the Molotov. If anything, increasing the firework limit significantly or making it unlimited again will be like giving the survivors 12.5 points similar to the hunter pounce. They would likely just use them, and abuse them whenever the survivors get attacked by a few commons. You say that limiting the firework limit would give the infected a huge advantage, but increasing the limit or removing it altogether will likely cause the opposite effect. carols dont qoute my post when you are not reading it clearly, this is an order.
  6. queen is like a praise over here
  7. I think we should up the limit to 6 or 7. A lot of the time I'm with players who doesnt want to buy any firework or do not know how to, especially when carrying a team. The limit is outrageously low, and making it very hard to move on. Limiting the fireworks is like giving the infected a 12.5 points hunter pounce all day !
  8. Skilled as in being a hunter lol dont say that to gandalf, he will smack your face
  9. shouldnt try the G502 to begin with, go with G402, it's simple and you will like it.
  10. game is easier now (# of skilled players left) but remain unbalance (not because hunter/even nerfed)
  11. seems to me you guys are still making comparison on guns for example, if you play CS:gO/CSS, you are asking jackie to nerf the awp or something because ak or guns with less damages have............ less damages
  12. i heard it is a bit boring, let me see
  13. we should disable tank purchase in the first 3 minutes of the game for carols, so we can keep everything else unchanged!
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