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  1. trump eats his steaks whit ketchup the absolute monster! sounds like a national tragedy
  2. lordbaby <------few pouces and group boom turn in tank and wipe you all
  3. 9 points for max sounds more sexy, still need 5 max to get tank
  4. that didnt take cares the a-holes and the entire game doesnt take 10 mins in many maps can lower limit and lower points for molly or lower limit of fireworks but make it free but i dont want to make the game any easier for the infected limiting the fireworks makes it much easier for infected
  5. If players don't want to buy fireworks or don't know how to buy them, I doubt increasing the limit is going to make much of a difference. The limit is not too low. If survivors are getting overwhelmed by commons or the special infected at one area, just buy a Molotov. There are some major advantages to buying this: 1. It saves your ammo from shooting the firework crate 2. It allows you to aim where you're going to throw your Molotov 3. It can be used for not only close ranges, but it can also be used for far distances as well 4. It takes less time to buy and use a Molotov compared to the firework crates 5. It makes you less vulnerable to getting stuck and overwhelmed by commons/special infected when using the Molotov due to Advantage #4 Besides, it's not like the survivors abuse the Molotov. If anything, increasing the firework limit significantly or making it unlimited again will be like giving the survivors 12.5 points similar to the hunter pounce. They would likely just use them, and abuse them whenever the survivors get attacked by a few commons. You say that limiting the firework limit would give the infected a huge advantage, but increasing the limit or removing it altogether will likely cause the opposite effect. carols dont qoute my post when you are not reading it clearly, this is an order.
  6. queen is like a praise over here
  7. I think we should up the limit to 6 or 7. A lot of the time I'm with players who doesnt want to buy any firework or do not know how to, especially when carrying a team. The limit is outrageously low, and making it very hard to move on. Limiting the fireworks is like giving the infected a 12.5 points hunter pounce all day !
  8. Skilled as in being a hunter lol dont say that to gandalf, he will smack your face
  9. shouldnt try the G502 to begin with, go with G402, it's simple and you will like it.
  10. game is easier now (# of skilled players left) but remain unbalance (not because hunter/even nerfed)
  11. seems to me you guys are still making comparison on guns for example, if you play CS:gO/CSS, you are asking jackie to nerf the awp or something because ak or guns with less damages have............ less damages
  12. i heard it is a bit boring, let me see
  13. we should disable tank purchase in the first 3 minutes of the game for carols, so we can keep everything else unchanged!
  14. ouch.. i will go for 10 before getting a tank if no one else get it to help.
  15. I think the majority doesnt want to nerf it to begin with, but are nice enough to settle with the already reduced points. further reduction without a consensus doesnt really resolve the issue of imbalance, especially like one above mentioned as 'scripted' I have a feeling if this goes bad, the tank will be ask to remove all together I remember all the high flyers used to populate server 2, leaving server 1 with a more 'friendly' environment to play at when servers were more populated
  16. watching but not be able to play is worse!
  17. Say n>2 // # of players w/ppg >25 while n players in survivor (infected) has ppg >25 //& players total min on server should be > 100 min? and infected (survivor) has <= n-2 players with ppg > 25 then swap one of them to infected (survivor); if player's steamid == STEAM_1:1:28401893, permanently force stay in spec WHY? To avoid 3 or more high ppg players that happen to get stuck in the same team while the other has none For example, if there are 5 players with ppg>25 in one team and the other has 0 or 1 or 2 or 3, it will balance them into 3/2 or 3/3 or 4/3 or 4/4 etc... Can even add ppg subgroup with inclement 2 to 5, like 30+, 28+, 25+ etc... whatever adjustment deems right, havent been able to check the common ppg Not sure if you wanna be more precise by calculating ppg based on survivor and ppg based on infected or juz the average, not really necessary.
  18. i took my clan tag out because people think it is something else -_-'
  19. - im not promoting this, and i dont need to take advantage of this, but since many mentioned about the get up animation, let's not forget the get up animation happens in the spit/charge and many other situation too (can easily get plenty of points and able to attack more than one player), you won't wait till the person get up and free and then spit when the player is getting charge/end of charge. i will see it as a coordination/teamwork thing especially in a 4v4 game. if we nerf something based on a certain situation, it will be fair to nerf everything else in a similar situation. Nerfing one thing and buffing another doesnt sound balance. - the community is not competitive (but doesn't mean you need to make it amateur), plus there is a point being state that hunters pouncing is too easy, so easy it needed to be nerf .. so the two things are contradicted - the community is not competitive, nor amateur necessary, but one thing i can be sure is that, it heavily promotes teamwork, what can take out the tank easily? Teamwork. That's why i dont want to nerf the hunter juz because it helps a player get tank fast, it somehow takes away the chance for the survivor to show/improve teamwork. Many long time players still position themselves in a bad spot to fight tank (even few steps behind or ahead can make big differences). If tank have to wipe out the team, at least we want to see a good fight before it happens. i actually like games where we kill 6 or 7 tanks before teams get wipe out rather than making to the safe room (of koz making it will be a plus). Getting to the safe room is always not a guarantee and it does not ever mean it is because this or that. - new players, simply tip them what not to do, i'd be happy to tell them to watch out. - one thing i can agree without much thoughts -- you guys can nerf the hunter (same for other classes) if it is pouncing a bot. - one more thing i wanna pt out - 9 out of 10 times it wasnt the hunter that is imbalanced .. it is the team. you dont blame a si or whatever because the team isnt balance
  20. - there should be some sort of balance, for example, if the pounce point is nerf, the following damages by the hunter after the high pounce should be increase to make up the slight difference and reward the player for their hard work. - you can activate this when it is a higher pounce, but not on regular pounce. - rocketing and pouncing are a totally different story - it's a team effort, not who is the fastest to land a tank wins type of game. - the points are more like award for the pounce itself, not for the length of time to damage.. the damage following the pounce is rather low and slow - i will say leave it has it is before there is a consensus (but already lowered to /2.5, sounds big by the % difference); if i remember correctly it has been nerf down previously already., or juz those who are incap. - to be honest, i dont see too many skydiver going around all the time. it's base on map/sections, point hungry players gonna do whatever that put them in the best situation most of the time
  21. so much going on here, i just want to add that everyone has equal access to play as a hunter. suggestion for the stand up motion, i usually counter or try to counter those who are standing up by covering them from something gonna pounce *involve teamwork*
  22. decreasing the number of tank's appearance = killing the chance to improve teamwork big time tank die fast with certain teamwork involved
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