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  1. reina


    I'll give it a try I pick 23. I like GC for still being something I can come back to. I never committed to continually playing on a server until I found GC, now I keep L4D2 installed and around just so I can hop in for some versus whenever it fills. But a big part of what I like about GC has been the people I've met and the some of the greatest friends I've made within. The holidays make me feel cozy, that good ol' sweater weather, sitting under a blanket with some hot cocoa kind of cozy. Driving around looking at Christmas lights, and spending time with family, and admiring the decorations everywhere kind of cozy. And a Merry Christmas ya filthy animals <3
  2. reina

    Forum Membership Event Dec01 to Dec23

    So this is my first post ever, bear with me. --When and how did you find out about GC? And which game did/do you play on? How long have you been gaming on GC overall? I can't remember exactly when I found out about GC. --Share about your very first day on GC or just your first month or so, how did it go? Whether good or bad, let’s hear it from you. 10v10 was a whole new experience honestly, I had mostly done campaigns forever and a few friends only versus every now and then. Coming into GC, it was busy and extremely hectic. I wasn't used to the text that floods in the chat at all so I missed most of the helpful tips that show up occasionally. But one person did offer up a bit of help telling me a command to type and "help the team". It was "!sp meng all", no !buy or !heal, just send Meng all my points I'd ever earn lol. The next map the one command I knew didn't work because he was no longer on my team so I quit out. But after I left I received a friend request from that nerd Meng, and he helped me with all the commands and binds and so I came back to GC to try it some more. --Tell me about friends you have made while playing our servers and what roles did they have into making you have fun gaming in general. Honestly, when I started out as "Flower" I wasn't really interested in knowing anyone or attempting to talk. I tend to keep to myself, but listening to the community laugh and have small talk while they played was nice to hear even when I wasn't a part of it. After awhile however, I did get to meet a great few who I adore to bits and they've helped me come out my shell. --What keeps you coming back to play GC? The people. I honestly wouldn't have given GC a second glance if someone didn't didn't offer to help me, and continuing to befriend others really cemented my want to stay. But I also enjoy coming back just to try become better than average, I still have a long way to go, but watching how everyone plays and learning from them is an experience in itself. --How has GC affected you as a person, whether big or small, share about it. In small ways it's helped me to be less shy and opened me up to new friendships. --What are some fond memories that you can recall on while playing games on GC servers? Any funny ones? Any sad ones? Uh, memories, alright. A funny memory, is right after I finally learned how to navigate the buy menu. All I did was spend my points on medkits to constantly heal others, since I wasn't a good shot yet, that's all I thought I could contribute. I had just bought probably my 4th one when I tried to heal someone in what I now know was a bad spot. We got charged into a corner of spit and the person got upset in the voice chat asking, "why would I heal them there". So I panicked and left the game. ;-; okay so that one is more embarrassing. --What song reminds you of GC? The Heavy - Short Change Hero If you've played Borderlands 2, you already know it. --What is a goal you want to accomplish next year? And for those who play L4D2, what is something you want to work on getting better at in the game? I'd like to become better with hunters, and probably do the "kai pounce" everyone tells me I should learn. Also learning more about how to properly throw rocks instead of hitting majority trees would be a good thing. A personal goal would probably be, take more risks. Maybe I'll try skydiving, but baby steps first.