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  1. um yeah that was hard.... died 1209371294829346 times. not gonna spoil it though with who you fight, just get ready for 1 intense fight. or in my case 0398730473287 intense fights with me winning 1 of them.
  2. If the link isn't located on a legite website like gamershell or some other, do not download it.
  3. Ok, so I have a pretty good machine p43.2, gig ram, radeon9800xt, blah, blah. So anyway, all my text (menus, personal tab thing, ammo numbers, everything) turns all distorted and barley readable when I set my video settings to high or ultra, when I set it to medium or low all the text is crystal clear, it's like a whole new game. I even did the 'set optimal settings' and it set it to high and all the text and it was still messed. This is really strange - i'll do a switch from high to medium or something and it will change the text right infront of me, but I say I restart the game, it won't change the text when i do the same as above(dunno, might be a bug). I'd like to know why this is happening, would it have something to do w/ my video card? And I really can't tell if the graphics are changing when I do this, strange... I'll try to get some before/after screenshots.
  4. Wow... I love this thing. People seem to think it sucks but golly gee!, I cut a Pinky right in HALF with this thing. As long as you are not being shot at, you can save ammo and mow right through things with this thing.
  5. Multiplayer for Doom 3 is maxed out at 4. (Unless you get a mod that someone is working on...i think) You guys stll thinking of a server? Already I hear it's hard for the servers to be at 4 person max.
  6. There is a list here including a Coop mod. Now I read that the Coop mod doesn't work properly right now. May be worth trying out though. GamersHell
  7. Delta Labs Sector 3 Where in the world is the main portal that i've been looking for. Its honestly been about 2 hours and i can't find it. I just keep teleporting around in circles...
  8. Ok, I hear you guys talking about video cards and see these acronyms with settings tossed around. Someone please explain 1) what they are and 2) if any of these settings apply to me. Much appreciated.
  9. I'm telling you, it's just like a haunted house...it's hilarious, I find myself jerking around in my chair! clap clap for entertainment!! Ok, this one tickled my funny bone a ton, being an old-school AD&D player: A nice shot of a couple twoheaders: Someone mentioned the canibal thing in another thread. Of COURSE you sit there and watch for a moment. What's more, is that (don't read below if you haven't done it yet) it's hilarious how they BOTH get up when you bother them! A nice mirror shot: Another cool concept...self-monitoring from camera behind station:
  10. Post up as you donate cash to Id!
  11. Take a look at this. This is freakin insane. A 2.0 Ghz processor which happens to be the new Athlon xp duron like chip runs Doom3 at 53 fps. The K8 version of this process 1.8 Ghz. K8 meaning the Athlon-64 version but NOT 64-bit enabled but instead with the memory controller on the CPU is 53% faster at 75 fps. Wow.... and these are budget CPU's too. If you are upgrading, the K8 version ist he way to go. These new CPU's are called Semprons. Anandtech
  12. hell, literally, and wow was it rough and FN scary. i died alot especially on a certain spot... you'll all know what im talking about when you get there. i had to take a break im too creeped out. but i just got the soulcube and im anxious to use it.
  13. Take a look at this site: http://www.martianbuddy.com/ This is Doom 3 related and a very neato secret. Notice the 4-digit code.....
  14. If you have 1gig of ram or more I would suggest setting it to 512. (Gonna try it tonight) forum
  15. The part of the mission: Looking for personel elevator to Alpha level 2 Where I'm stuck: Hydrocon Control I can't get through the door. Been pretty much all the way back, but can't find PDAs for either of these two guys. Any thoughts?
  16. how long is the game ? I'm really enjoying the game and don't want it to end any time soon. Just wondering if anyone knows how long it is, how many levels it is or anything like that ?
  17. Take some time to check the PDA as you aquire new ones....codes and things are ni there...and I didn't notice until now that you can access each person's email!
  18. Anyone try it yet? I just started a server, seems like FPS is way better in here...dunno what'll happen when i get in a game with others.
  19. Oooohhh...Duke Nukem me in the mirror in the john! Sweet!
  20. ATI released a beta for those who wish to try it out for Doom3. It mostly works for X800 series of cards. I would recommend against using it if you have something older than an x800. Read about it here: Rage3d
  21. I know that Best Buy has it. Maybe those who've been to Walmart today can tell us if it can be purchased from there.
  22. Well I guess I won't be playing Doom III until next spring when I build by Opteron Box. My current system is 98SE and I refuse to go through the hassle of rebuilding right now.
  23. Visit Fileplanet or your favorite download site and get pumped about Doom 3. http://www.fileplanet.com/files/140000/143755.shtml
  24. Hope you have some money available. Ebay
  25. If you clicked into this forum, chances are you are interested somewhat in Doom3? Are you buying asap when it comes out (what, August 3?) I am.
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