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  1. eXile

    Joplin, Mo. Tornado help

    From what I've read and been told by friends, the highest things on the needs list are mens toiletry items, plus size adult clothing, kids/toddler/baby clothes, baby/kids shoes. Im sure anything will be appreciated though. But thats my best attempt to tell you whats *most* needed. You might wanna head for Food 4 Less or College Heights Christian School for a drop off point. But there are multiple drop-off spots in town.
  2. eXile

    Joplin, Mo. Tornado help

    Dave , stuff is so crazy here. Our local radio company Zimmer radio which has like 5 stations in town broadcasts 24/7 on all their channels about anything Tornado related. If you want i can try and keep you updated on current needs. Like i know for sure they are saying they don't need alot of clothing anymore. Not to say they wont need more at some point but yeah atm clothing is low on the list. Its hard to remember all the other stuff they're asking for specifically but like i said if you want i can try and pinpoint it. So many friends lost their homes and one of my friends since childhood lost his life. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/43170303#43170303 .... interview with his wife. I live about 15 minutes away from Joplin, so its all very real, and very close. Pray for all of these people , and ask the lord to continue to watch over us all around here and keep us safe.
  3. oh man i might actually try and make this one. that was a crazy good time.
  4. Fatty , is this the same place as FF04 was ?
  5. eXile

    Left 4 Dead 2

    kind of dead already imo. they take too long to release DLC and its boring as heck already.
  6. eXile

    TF2 again?

    voted yes cause i would prob start playing it again if it was gc tf2
  7. eXile


    best read on these forums in a while =D
  8. eXile

    Happy Bday Fatty!

    happy belated my bald brother
  9. eXile

    everyone give up ?

    i see like no GC ever playing . i was hoping for some fun times like we had with the original.
  10. need moar ppl playing imho. otherwise i just wasted my 45 bucks =(
  11. preordered lolz. where is jackie?
  12. i was gonna buy it but then i wondered if anyone that used to play still does and is planning on picking up 2.
  13. eXile

    best ATHF ever (NSFW!!)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pd376dhgVsI few years back but still so hilarious.
  14. eXile

    Small World

    he just kinda disappeared one day thats all i really remember