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  1. I have no rank...vanished due to inactivity, it's only been like a month, I think they are a bit quick to zap that on us, but oh well...
  2. Could also be the NFO factor
  3. I guess I must not be cool...or I'm getting old, because that game looks extremely crappy to me.
  4. Very sorry for your loss
  5. I'm using 7 with no desire to change. I have 8 on my laptop, and it's cool, but I just prefer 7 on my gaming rig, everything that I ever need access to its right where I can find it, and it runs flawlessly. I have read about win 8 being more cpu hungry, causing some gamers issues in newer games like bf4, but since I have no first hand experience with that, you'll have to let your fingers do the walking.
  6. The first time I played in a GC server, back in 2004 I guess...I was banned, wasn't sure why, so I came to the forums to straighten it out, and I was forced to create a forum account to post....and since I was clueless as to why I was banned, that's the name I used when I signed up
  7. I have old and fatitis myself, but apparently not the advanced stage that you are suffering from. Hope you feel better soon! Merry Christmas!
  8. Yeah, i'm no longer using it. As for which card it compares to....not really sure. After researching it...if you feel it's adequate, just holler and it's yours! XFX brand btw.
  9. I have an HD6870....I used it for less than a year. Read up on it, if it will do what you need it to...just PM me your info and you can have it.
  10. Clueless

    CsLs + LaG?

    The silenced M4 is back, although it holds less ammo...
  11. Sorry...can't play in our server, unless they move it...my route is bad. Here's an example of how bad...I was in the private server the other day trying to iron out my buy binds, shooting at bots, and it was taking 2 to 3 HEADSHOTS to kill stationary bots...so we can't even contribute that to my questionable aim,lol. CMM only for me I'm afraid...
  12. I kinda doubt it Biggs.....but feel free to try it out. We had a BF3 server, but it failed miserably due to having no one to dedicate a boat load of time to it, naming myself as one of the culprits. Battlefield games don't seem to breed the sense of community that CS and L4D2 do...I think that the lack of in game voice chat is largely responsible for that. If you want voice, you are usually in a vent server with your little established group....not really mixing it up with the locals. The Valve games that we play here have a more connected feel to them due to all of the in game socializing.....sometimes that's a bad thing, but hey...it can't all be champagne and roses right?
  13. Less.....I like cleanliness and simplicity in my forums. I find ours a bit busy for my liking...and the white text on black background plays hell on my eyes. I actually find myself checking the forums from my phone even when I am right next to the PC since the mobile version isn't so busy looking. I hate to even say that knowing how much work you put into making them what they are....i'm just into simple, so as long as I can change it to something a bit more "classic", i'm cool.
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