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  1. Got the game a couple days ago --- joined up with my friend ShadowSeraph --- we are on the Storm Reaver server --- I am a level 14 Paladin with 80 enchanting/150 engineering/150 fishing... I have made a total of 5g so far selling Mechanical Squirrels =D YAY!
  2. Heres my template for maras: Class: Druid Level: 60 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Balance Talents (18 points) Nature's Grasp - 1/1 point While active, any time an enemy strikes the caster, they have a 35% chance to become afflicted by Entangling Roots (Rank 1). Only usable outdoors. 1 charge. Lasts 45 seconds. Improved Nature's Grasp - 4/4 points Increases the chance for your Nature's Grasp to entangle an enemy by 65%. Improved Moonfire - 5/5 points Increases the damage and critical strike chance of your Moonfire spell by 10%. Improved Entangling Roots - 3/3 points Gives you a 100% chance to avoid interruption caused by damage while casting Entangling Roots. Nature's Reach - 2/2 points Increases the range of your Wrath, Entangling Roots, Faerie Fire (caster form only), Moonfire, and Starfire spells by 20%. Swiftshifting - 3/3 points Reduces the delay before using spells and abilities by 1.5 seconds after having shapeshifted. Feral Combat Talents (0 points) None Restoration Talents (33 points) Improved Mark of the Wild - 5/5 points Increases the effects of your Mark of the Wild spell by 35%. Nature's Focus - 5/5 points Gives you a 60% chance to avoid interruption caused by damage while casting the Healing Touch or Regrowth spells. Combat Endurance - 5/5 points Allows 10% of your Health regeneration to work while in combat. Gift of Nature - 1/1 point Increases the effect of your Healing Touch, Rejuvenation, Regrowth, and Tranquility spells by 5%. Reflection - 5/5 points Allows 15% of your Mana regeneration to continue while casting. Improved Rejuvenation - 5/5 points Increases the effect of your Rejuvenation spell by 15%. Nature's Swiftness - 1/1 point When activated, your next Nature spell becomes an instant cast spell. Improved Regrowth - 5/5 points Increases the critical effect chance of your Regrowth spell by 50%. Innervate - 1/1 point Increases the target's Mana regeneration by 400% and allows 100% of the target's Mana regeneration to continue while casting. Lasts 20 seconds. This gives me: Decent rooting abilities. Awesome healing abilities. Ability to regen hp/mana while not out of combat. Ability to spam any spell without mana consideration for 20 seconds every 6 minutes. Ability to instant cast regrowth or starfire or root once every 3 minutes. Ability to start casting immediately after shifting from an animal form. The idea behind this template is that it provides both group healing utility and solo/group pvp utility. When pvping I can instant cast a root or starfire or regrowth every 3 minutes by using Nature's Swiftness. Using Innervate I can spam cast any spell for 20 seconds without having to worry about power consumption, heals for groups or moonfire for pvp (or both) or I can use it on a mage/warlock to let them spam cast. I can use nature's grasp as a sort of get out of melee free card when needed. Finally with shapeshifting I can move from cat form+prowl to casting form without any downtime so I popup and I've already rooted them or starfired them because of Nature's Swiftness.
  3. broke my cosmos. you have to go to each addon folder and edit the first line ## Interface: 4062 into ## Interface: 4114 too bad cosmos site is down and WoW makes you delete it.
  4. I'm still here slowly grinding away with my 2 accounts. Hopefully be 30 on one by end of the week. BTW why do all the alliance hang out in booty bay? Do they like to sodomize eachother or something?
  5. I am official moving VI to Whisperwind PvE server. I myself and friends IRL are playing there along with Hailfire. Sorry for you guys that have to have full time pvp but i have more fun withouth all the kids and constant cussing all the time. PvE servers just have alot less battle net kiddies. Plus im not waiting in a line 1000 deep just to get d/c'd and have to start all over again. For clarification i PvP'd all the time when i was in closed beta on a PvE server and had tons of fun...its more organized and less retards ganking. So ill still be PvPing quite a bit *cough*Allkiller*cough* Whisperwind PVE Alliance my name Ithalnos. Come find me i would like everyone to join up for VI.
  6. There are currently rumors of a dupe going around. I would like to take this time to remind everyone that the duping of ingame goods is extremely easy to trace. It is not an issue of you might get banned for duping, YOU WILL GET BANNED FOR DUPING and probably for knowingly money laundering duped money. I have seen this in many MMORPGS and although it usually takes time for the game company to fix the dupe when they do fix it they usually ban first and ask questions later. Lineage 2 for example banned everyone who duped, proffitted extensively off of a duper and laundered money for a duper then only weeks later did they start listening to excuses from people who simply made money by selling to dupers.
  7. Illidan is nutz, 1000+ some days in que...that is horrible. I'm thinking of making a normal character in a Mountain server like Bloodlust or something along those lines...low pop, no que. I'll betting alot of people on those full servers are like "OTHER people will move to diff servers but I'm starying here and waiting it out. News flash, that servers gonna have ques for a long time IMO. I'd love to see VI move to a low pop server so we can all get on and not have to never log out to get back in...lol. Not that I have a ton of time to play anyway See you guys server side maybe sunday!
  8. make a toon on whisperwind server to sign our charter. people are either greedy and want money or just aholes about it. alliance side. just make a human toon and pm me tommorow night past 7 or so. all i need is for you to click your sig and then you can leave. but dont delete the toon till i post back up saying that we are formed. and this wont have any bearing on clans you are in with other chars. thanks in advance, oh and my char name is Ithalnos.
  9. Right now, 9:14 pm central, Illidan is down. Hopefully blizzard is using the truckloads of money they've gotten from WoW sales to upgrade the server.
  10. Guest

    Got sick of undead

    Undead is quite boring. I am like lvl 13 I think and it took me a long time to get there. I just got bored real fast. So I created a Tauren Druid instead. Named him Shadowwolf. Add him if you are on Argent Dawn. Now if I can get Chuck's guild to invite this new char in......
  11. Okay, It looks like we are getting settled in our respective servers. We need to update the server list that Linch started so we have the correct information. After this I'll be emailing Fatty with the following request info. 1.) Add a few channels to the GC teamspeak servers dedicated to WoW. Each channel will correspond to a server and each server will have 2 rooms: alliance and horde. 2) These channels will have their own password that will be given out IN GAME via a wisper or guildchat. This way we don't have UT or otherwise peeps jumping in our channels. 3) As MK5 put in his rules topic, we can set up an item auction or item request sub-forum for peeps with needs...ie tailor needs leather, enchantor needs copper...that sort of thing. This way peeps can stop in see what is needed post back or send said item via mail when one or the other is logged off. 4) We can set up party times or raid times on our repsected servers and coordinate between each other what dungeons we are going through, what time, what characters we need, so forth and so on. Any other ideas guys?? P.S. after a while it might be nice to get everyone on the same server, same alliance, same race and use that char strictly for large party groups (ie get to lvl 20 on own then use when we all want to get together and create havok....muhahahah!)
  12. 20 minutes for only 140 people. Ridiculous.
  13. let me know your char names and rally the alliance fellow GC people. illidan central PvP. or post in the WoW section of VI's forums.
  14. Right now my warrior has skinning and my druid has tailoring. Skinning supplies me with easy income while I'm doing quests because half of all the quests I'm asked to do involved me going and killing some animals over and over and over so I gain a decent amount of extra money from these animals by skinning them and then either selling the skins to a merchant or player. Tailoring supplies me with easy income because there are quite a few humanoid npcs that drop linen. I turn the linen into bolts then turn the bolts into bags for an easy 2 silver to a merchant or up to 4 silver to a player (its 5 silver from the vendor). By doing this and questing alot I've been able to keep my weapon up to my level and my armor and shield close to my level for a warrior (possible one of the most expensive classes to outfit).
  15. Game is fun but crashes all too often. I mean right to the desktop with some crazy errors. Getting tiring.
  16. Guest

    If I buy this...

    But then... what do I do? I never played the betas and MMORPG's have never impressed me. What do I do to get playing with everyone? Are we limited to race and class to be in the same guild? I've always been a fan of the undead type of races. Please some info on this before I drop 50+ and 15 a month.
  17. Illidan is down now i think, i can't get on. I can't get on the other server i have a lvl10 priest on either, so im screwed. 2 toons above lvl10 to work on is plenty... GRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  18. I thought I would share some of the links I use on a daily basis. Talent Calculator http://wowvault.ign.com/View.php?view=Tale...ory_select_id=4 This is a great link to mess around with possible talent paths you may take for your character. Thottbot http://www.thottbot.com/ This site has a bit of everything! Quests, professions, weapons, talent paths, character save profiles. A great site thats been growing strong. A few other sites I have visited ... http://www.planetwarcraft.com/wow/ http://wow.catacombs.com/ http://www.only-wow.com/ http://www.warcraftmovies.com/latest.php
  19. Now what? I am going undead.. warlock probably. Which server should I be on to meet up with Chuck and Linch and others. Basically... eh?
  20. One group that wants to do the "bad" races and one that wants to use the "good" races and stick together. i will get this game when my local walmart has it. I can not afford it now anyway. However is leading this little group here, lets work this out.
  21. Because neither of the primary mods have posted board rules for this forum I'm going to. If either of you want to change or delete the post feel free I just thought it necessary because it seems we might have a decent amount of people playing WoW. The Gamers Coalition general board guidelines apply even on this forum: http://www.gamrs.co/forums/in...?act=boardrules In addition to the Gamers Coalition board guidelines the following rules apply to this forum. GENERAL RULES:. • Do not ask to be a moderator. • Do not exhibit disruptive behavior. • Posting how to do or obtain an exploit or cheat in any thread will not be tolerated. • Show respect to your fellow board members. • Stay on topic!. • Use common sense if you think something does not belong on this forum, do not post it. • Item trade threads are acceptable BUT you must update the post to reflect any changes. For example if you sell the item you were trying to sell update your post IMMEDIATELY and replace the title with SOLD. Be sure to include all details of the item including durability and also to include what you are looking to trade it for. • Item auction threads are acceptable BUT again you must update the post to reflect any changes. Be sure to include the starting bid price when posting an auction. If you wish an auction thread to be pinned pm me or another mod and ask them to pin the thread, the mod will then determine if the item is worth pinning. • Using this forum to trade items or accounts for real-life money is unacceptable. PUNISHMENTS:. Mild offences will probably result in a post being edited, locked, or deleted by the moderators. If a topic is locked, we will give you a quick explanation as to why. For more severe offences we will delete the post and give you a warning, maybe. You might just find yourself banned. Bans last from 1 day to forever, depending on the situation.
  22. 7:30am - hit snooze 7:45am - run down stairs and call in sick, and then read forums 8:00am - Answer phone... Whiplash is calling me. I head over to his house after a brief stop at ronchie ron's for breakfast. 8:30am - Played ESPN 2k5 hockey on xbox, beating him 8-5.. great game. We then played Topspin, and I layed a hisotric smackdown 9:45am - We head to the mall and wait at the doors at EB with the other 20 geeks. 10:10am Drop whiplash off, and do 140km on the way to my buddys house to drop off his copy. 10:35am - Arrive at friends house, we have very little small talk, as we both want to play asap. 10:45am - Get home, run down stairs and install..... 11:15am - Still waiting on install....HOLY CRAP...and then the patch. That was so painful. 11:20am - Create character, and log in. Expecting the worst in the newbie zone, and it was great!!!! Maybe 20 people in the zone, compared to open beta when their was like 50+ and you could not get a kill, and was laggy as hell. This was the best release for a mmorpg I have ever seen. So smooth! 1:15pm - Heat up pizza, and bathroom break. 4:50pm - eat a quick supper and bathroom break. 5:30pm - Meet up with botb members to form the Guild! 8:00pm - Log out. Got half way through level 11, and had a blast. Working today, but I'm off till Tuesday... rinse and repeat
  23. ok guys ill post back when i have the server picked so everyone can get on. i would ask that everyone donate some loot to me so i can buy the guild charter. its only 10s but that will be hard for just me to get alone. so donate what you can so i can purchase the charter ASAP. post back in a bit. for clarity we are going alliance.
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