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  1. So anyone else get their free 14 day trial to return to AoC? I got mine and I think I might just have to load it up again (pretty sure they said they would keep our old toons, boy I hope so) I hear many good things from people about the improvements, but is it enough? Well I'll go about finding out, let me know if anyone else is planning on giving it another whirl.
  2. I'm looking to get get into a game this weekend. I really want to sit on my arse and do absolutely nothing all weekend. I'm very tempted to reinstall this game just for the heck of it. Has anything changed? PvP better? guilds? cities? what other games did you leave this one for?
  3. Link I agree with a commenter though, he was fired and it was covered up... Might check back in on AoC this week considering the PvP patch is supposedly out.
  4. Title says it all...I'm giving up on this one, it's too bad too, I had fun.
  5. Little thread I started which vastly improved my performance, if someone needs it copied here let me know. http://forums.ageofconan.com/showthread.php?t=142975
  6. I'll sticky this since the patches with be released weekly. Will always edit over the previous, so check every Wednesday 11AM EST at the latest.
  7. Taken from the Funcom forums. Here is a brief explanation of the basics of the new PvP systems. Everything listed here may not be in the current build on Testlive, and does not necessarily reflect the final system. PVP Levels and XP * There are 10 PVP levels. * All players are worth 100 PvP XP when killed by a similar level player. * When you die in PvP, you lose PvP XP. The amount you lose is static, regardless of the level of player who killed you. * Losing PVP XP will not de-level you in PvP level. * In order to prevent abuse of the system, there is a limit set on how many times one player can gain or lose PvP XP from another. * You gain normal PVE XP when you are involved in a PVP kill. If you or your team get credit for a PVP kill, then you gain a certain amount of PVE experience from that kill. You get 10% of the XP from that player as though he were a monster of that level. You always get a minimum of 1 xp. PVP Items You can buy PVP items with normal money (there is no special currency for PVP). However, your PvP level will have to meet the requirements (if any) on any items you wish to use. * Items are not tradeable * Sold by PvP vendors Notoriety System A player is flagged in three different ways using this system: innocent, criminal, and murderer. * Criminals and Murderers will have an icon showing their status. * Innocent : No one can perform hostile actions on you without being flagged as a Criminal. * Criminal : Performing a hostile action on an Innocent player will flag you as a Criminal for 5 minutes. Any further Criminal acts during the 5 minute time will refresh your Criminal Status. * Attacking Criminal players and/or killing them will not flag you as Criminal. * Killing Criminal Players will not cause you to gain murder points. * Murderer : Players who have attacked and killed innocent players enough times to generate 100 or more points will be flagged as Murderers. Killing lower level players (outside your XP range) will result in a larger penalty towards the murderer limit. * Murder score is capped at 1750 points. * For every other real time hour that passes, your murder score is reduced by 1 point. * If you die in PvP and lose PvP XP, you will receive a 3 point reduction to your total murder score. * Killing mobs which yield XP will reduce your murder score at a rate of 1 point per 1% of a level worth of XP. Completing quests for XP will NOT contribute. * Murderers cannot access traders or vendors. * Guard NPCs will attack murderers on sight. * Dying while flagged as a murderer results in the following: a. 100% increased loss of PvP XP for the murder b. 100% increased gain of PvP XP for the person killing the murderer c. 100% increased chance of dropping an item. * Any players interacting with a Criminal or Murderer (that includes grouping with them or trading with them) will be flagged as a Criminal. * If you group with a Criminal or Murderer, you will be flagged as a Criminal for as long as you are in the team, and 5 minutes after the team disbands (or the Criminal/Murderer leaves the team). * Any team member performing a criminal act will flag the entire team in the vicinity as a criminal.
  8. I think we should just post up our names on here in case somebody is playing on our server, but doesn't know any of our names, it'll be a little more organized this way... Also if you could before you're name put the server down you play in... Server - Stormrage PvP - (Legend: M=main ; A=alt) Server - Wiccana PvE See ya guys in game!
  9. NOFX


    Everyone playing on stormrage? I started this weekend on deathwhisper, I heard it was the most populated
  10. Okay so what is the deal with the game. I am having all kinds of problems with NPC in the floors and my Hids does not work, every time i use it and battle they see me. All kinds of glictes.. it was fine for me after the patch and then I did the new build and things worked well and then I got a new HD and put everything on new and now all kinds of problems. other people are saying they are having an issue are any of you? They really need to get this right or this could be a big set back for AoC, already losing many players..HMMMM come on Funcon get it together..REALLY!!!!
  11. 3vil


    my son just bought it for me so,.......WHERE ARE YOU GUYS????
  12. Okay so last night I hit 40, and really I am at 40.9 so lets call it 41. So I know I can finally get a mount but I really do not see how that is going to happen. I have always sold everything I pick up in my adventures but appartly I have not done nearly enough. I only have about 1/2 a Gold saved up. Sooooo what the heck am I missing here? Also: Broken Quests?: Missing Child Healing Book thing? I have picked this one up but it never shows in my inventory and says I am still in need of it. P.S. I have all of my rocks and wood and stuff, so this weekend I will be turning in those mad skills. What the heck do I do with all of that stuff anyways?
  13. His name is Dweezil and he looks like this: He has infiltrated our ranks without the proper initiation. Get'em boys! He should be in game within weeks...
  14. http://forums.ageofconan.com/showthread.php?t=66212 I'll test it tonight when I get home.
  15. Seeing as though we are mostly all in a PvP server, we will have some experiences with other players in the game that will make you feel great or upset... If you have a really good story of an experience that happened to you in the game whether you won or lost please post it up here, would be cool to hear some good PvP stories...
  16. Okay so my last two levels seemed to be very hard and counted mostly on me hiding and sending my minons to do the work and me hit them bad boys with some spells before all my minons died. Okay so I go back to Tortage like Unclean says (quick note: not true) to get re-trained and look for this trainer by the big ladder on the docks...well nothing there so I read this and that and finally read the help and find that trainers are in the three major hubs; tortage NOT being on of them. So okay I am off to Khemi now which is a Hub and do the re-training, YEA I am retrained... So now I pick up a few little quests that send me to some other lands I have not been to and HOLY COW life is so much easier. I am fighting monsters that are like only at the most same level as me but mostly 4 lower so things are good on that end. It is at this point I realized I am an Idiot and did not need to keep trying solo's on stuff that was two to three levels higher then I was..no wounder. Ohhh and so I try and go into the Bad part of town in the Noble district to say hello to my buddy Conan...YA not good...me level 27 bad guys 40-50..YA DNA dead very fast.
  17. Do you use macro software? Which kind do you use? I'd love to get a few macros set up, namely: 1. Switching the skillbar with the weaponswitch 2. Using food in the inventory at set intervals 3. Combos
  18. Hey, Mo's thread shows that there are some add-ons available for Age of Conan. Does anyone know a good place to go for ones that won't steal password information?
  19. So...now that I'm running out to buy this game...will it run on my PC? AMD 3500+ (underclocked) 2 gigs of ram 7600GS 512 ? or my lappy 2.4 C2D 8600 256 3 gigs of ram ? and how well?
  20. Okay I forgot to say that I love nothing more then to get in the middle of the spiderlings swarm with like 4-6 and hit the parasitic swarm and watch them all die and become my little pets!!!! HAHAHAHA I love it...
  21. OKay so last night I was in the middle of fighting some nasty spiders up in the hills and guess what I lagged out...Ohhhh NO I am fo shor dead right... Nope Logged right back in and thought okay am I still in a fight...ready for actions. Nope, It moved me back about 25 meters (nice safe plave) and...here is the big one...all of sudden I have about 35,000 more perience points..HELLO... DADDY LIKE!!! So I spent the whole night trying to lag out again but no luck. I did finally find a trainer to do my repec, so that is better and i am only about 5000 away from 26, so my goal is to be over 30 after tonight. I only got to put in say 2 hours yesterday. Got some better level 2 spells at 25, so I hope to try them out tonight.
  22. So what do you guys think about the class you're presently playing? I'm thinking in terms of other people thinking about picking up an alt. Just post your class, what you like/don't like, and if you'd roll it again if you had the option. I'll start... Ranger - a really fun class... does some high DPS, stealthing is really nice, decently tough (medium armor + evade + increased resistances). Plus it has a very useful ability - tracking. You can even track cloaked creatures/people. I usually stalk someone that tried to gank me, and if they stealth, then I track + trap them (breaks their stealth without breaking mine) and then attack. I'm able to solo most quests where the mobs are 3-4 levels higher than I am, as long as there are only 1 or 2 at a time. 3 usually takes a potion. The downside is up-close combat. I have a tough time fighting people as soon as they're in my face unless they stand still. I'd re-roll this class in a second. Necromancer - it's a very "meh" class to me. I usually go for caster type classes, but casters in PvP servers are targeted frequently because people see an easy win (whether that's true or not). In terms of spells, they are not balanced yet, so I feel like I'm wasting a lot of feat points for very little gain. DPS is also high, they have DOTS, so even if you die you mark the enemy for death too. I've only played this class to 17 or 18 though... maybe that's not enough time. Voodoo, feel free to chime in on this one.
  23. http://www.ageofconan.com/ This game looks SO awesome. Mounted combat, sieges, tons of classes, new combat system (combining RPG with FPS), interesting story, etc. Have any of you signed up for the beta yet?
  24. Just so you all know we do use GC's ventrilo server while we are playing AoC, but it may change with a good guild, will keep you updated, but a few of us are always in GC's vent while we are playing so come in and join us, its so much easier to talk than to type! Also for the lazy Server info: IP: vent.gcftw.com (if that's not ready yet, use, port 23447) Get on there and chat it up! It's a high quality server on a good network in Chicago. (TypeFrag) We have 100 slots so feel free to bring your friends!
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