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  1. Seriously, why would the Seahawks give up one of their best receivers?!
  2. http://m.espn.go.com/general/story?storyId=10109826&city=newyork&src=desktop Dumbest thing ever
  3. I might be a witch but my time has come to an end... Adrian Petersen and Gronkowski? Really? Whoever pulls me in the semifinals enjoy your auto win against gods knows who I slot in for my team...
  4. Panthers Roll ......both Fantasy teams up.......one for sure the other little closer btw Chargers just got hosed in regulation.....that TD that was overturned was a touchdown........ from one view ball clearly snibbed the pylon before the leg knocked it over and apparently I'm the onlly one in America who saw that. Pylons dont just move on there own and it rocked before the legs took it down. Clearly in the replay from the back off the endzone.
  5. An early start because of if it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all... My three primary drafted wides. Julio Jones, Randall Cobb, Mike Williams. Gone, gone, and now it's reported that Mike Williams (TB) has a torn hamstring which is why he's sucked the last few weeks. And slotted for IR probably now. Brutal.
  6. Gronk really needs to be gronkening. My TE plan for fantasy was to, you know, get by with whatever until Gronk came back. Never thought it would be half the fantasy season, or more. So, logically, I grabbed whatever else I could. Well well... the NY football Giants have used the TE in their offense quite a bit. I'll grab him... Hooray. Week one is a success. Good NY football Giant TE. Have a cookie. Oh no. The NY football Giants offensive line is really bad... What's this? You're going to start using the TE as a blocker exclusively while you continue to suck more and more week after week... No, please, don't do that... 12.6 7.4 3.3 0.0 3.5 0.0 That's some quality tight ending there. On the plus side I finally cut my losses *before* Thursday's 0.00 performance. Because, you know... Gronk is back! ... Hello Brent Celek (Phi).
  7. http://youtu.be/qJUWUQqkAsA
  8. So a fun matchup with Loligaggers in Fantasy this week. After some last minute scoring on Sunday I go into Monday night with one player left and a low 20 point lead. My last guy? Pierre Thomas; basically a third line RB with NO. Lolli? Yeah, he has the TE Graham who went off for low-mid 20 points the last two games. PT was projected at 10 points but...yeah, no. Into the fourth quarter tonight the gap between us closed to about 0.6. Then PT got a few yards and Thomas never got another touch. Won by three. Stupid close. Next week? Adrian Peterson's bye week. Ilovetomatoes do enjoy your easy win this upcoming weekend. Five teams at the top now at 3-1.
  9. Two topics already. Training camp must be near. Let's close those and get going on this. League manager can be decided later (ain't gonna be me). Provider, QB and RB polls. The league has moved way away from RB's; my take is to start 1 QB and 1 RB, whatever for WR (2 my choice) and flex the hell out of the rest. Someone wants to rock a ton of RB's as their flex choices be my guest. Naturally post up if you are in or not as well. And hey, don't let how many people are already here make you not sign up, we can roll two leagues easily enough - maybe even do a super bowl between the two league winners? GC Fantasy Football 2013 Roster 1) Flitterkill 2) TurnbullTerror 3) Pronouncemyname 4) Boiler 5) Baloosh 6) Bush 7) Fenix 8) Tirtul 9) Lookback 10) Chick82 11) Reomet 12) FacePalmSmash 13) Biggs 14) gl 15) Diamon80 16) Matt Kemp Keep'em coming...
  10. Go Panthers. That is all. EDIT: guess I could ask how you all feel about your teams pick(s) so far
  11. Chicago (HC) - Lovie is a good to great coach who couldn't buy himself an OC to save his job. Mike Sherman (who couldn't buy himself a DC in Green Bay) feels his pain. Tough sledding to lose your job after going 10-6. Gruden is slightly over exposed these days (in the National Football League...) but would probably do overly well here for my GB rooting preferences. Kansas City (HC, prob GM) - Lols. Also if the GM doesn't go expect more 5-11 records. He signed Cassel to a bajillion dollars and is still employed at the moment. Pioli is still regarded well by NFL execs apparently; he may survive this. San Diego (HC, GM) - Rivers is the mirror image of Carson Palmer post-injury. Both had "it", both got injured, both have not quite had "it" since then. Rivers has had a lot more upside but still...rivals Favre for interception machine status. Once they lost the running game, with a HC that likes to push it offensively much of this was inevitable. Buffalo (HC, GM maybe) - True story. Back in January 2006 I bought my 2003 Nissan Xterra on eBay and flew out on a one way ticket to Buffalo (Indianapolis, to Chicago, to Buffalo, NY) to drive it back to Indiana. Carhartts and a sweater over-top, small carry on for a paperwork and a book to read. So, obvs I'm a terrerist and get the special treatment in Indianapolis. Get through that and am surprised by a former student of mine working the boarding area, she upgrades to Business Class front-row style without telling me. Sweet! Also sat next to a well dressed air marshal who was "just a businessman" who was interested in what I was doing dressed so in Business Class. The seats were very nice (small morning commuter jet to Chicago). 30 minute wait to board for Buffalo in Chicago. And there's Marv Levy. On my flight, on his way to be the new GM of the Bills. When I got off in Buffalo, took a quick bathroom break in the terminal (only noted here for the strange fact that two seagulls were *in* the bathroom. This is Buffalo, NY. I still have no idea how or why...) and headed out of the airport only to be greeted by an abundance of TV reporters asking me about Marv. Had to disappoint them all as Marv de-planed to the tarmac and the limo waiting for him... So much hope... Marv's long gone, Buffalo still sucks. Philadelphia (HC) - Dead man walking. This is what happens when you go all in on free-agency. Also, the only difference between the early 90's Bill's dynasty and the 00's Eagles is that the Bills made it to (and lost) a bunch of Super Bowls. Eagles had the same success but crashed and burned in the NFC Championship games. Either Eagles eat it for a year and burn the decks to clear out all those contracts or they sit in a 7-9 9-7 middle ground for a couple of years instead. Not sure who wants to coach the Eagles in the state they are in right now. Cleveland (HC, GM) - The Shurmur hire was awful. Too much nepotism (Shurmur's dead Uncle Fritz, DC for Holmgren in GB and Sea), not enough ability. He could have made many better coaching hires. Blew it. Really good with Heckert (who won't be unemployed for long) but enough over the shoulder stuff to force Heck to grab Weeden. Holmgren might get another bite at the coaching apple but he's done as an executive. Jacksonville (GM, HC next?) - New owner. Horrible team. GM gone. Hello Tebow? Let the marketing commence! Arizona - (Coach, GM) - Some quality GM'ing there. Detroit - TBD
  12. Final standings: Championship games: I pulled back on weekly posts the last couple of weeks as no one really seemed to contribute to the threads. Suffice to say my team continued to suck; a tribute to the name Ralph Wiggum Express. Relying on Calvin Johnson as your primary back will do that. And David Akers, after years of being an ace in the fantasy hole, decided to finally suck. Add in a few other quality off-year picks and the joy of playing teams that go off for the league's weekly high score and there you go. As for the league itself, the standing tightened up near the end; much more than I thought they would. Regardless, congrats to Ditka! Well played, and a well earned non-vaporware GC Tee-Shirt in the new year! Maybe a forum award too as the upgrade from 3.3.4 to 3.4.1 makes its way out the door...
  13. Inlaw-like people we're visiting my abode last week - totally spaced the Week 10 update. I won! Amazing, I know. Not that something creative cared given his league standing. Don't some of you guys have playoffs soon? That seems like a thing that would be happening around now.
  14. Well my one win was nice and is likely to be my last one... Thursday half-time thoughts: 1) Philip Rivers. Flawless first half until he decided to revert to moron-mode with his last pass. Farvian; and not in the good sense. I still can't wrap my head around why he threw that ball. 2) My week starts tonight. With Dwayne Bowe. And at the half? -2.00. Good times...
  15. On the plus side, Lookbackers defense just scored -0.04 points tonight. Could I actually win a game? Nahhhhh....
  16. Well that was a fun week. The Packers destroying Texas was a pleasant experience. About time their A-Game showed up, though the defensive injuries - ouch... Who has Rodgers? Someone had a nice Sunday evening... In that other league I roll in I caught a pleasant break with Peyton going off in the 2nd quarter. Lead me to having my second win over there. Here? Not so much luck... 0-6. So I'm out. You need/want my assets? I'm open to creative offers (cash, new forum topics, etc...) Here's some soccer violence to commemorate my horrible team: http://youtu.be/-j_QrozSLXE Lastly, here's some cut/paste from the recap of my last match. Pretty much par for the course... Four of the six losses for Ralph Wiggum Express this season have come when their opponent had their highest-scoring week of the season. Ramblin' Wreck had a better day at the QB position, topping Ralph Wiggum Express 70.89 - 34.33. Martellus Bennett has scored below his projection in three straight games after scoring 1.15 points against a projected 5.58 this week. Ralph Wiggum Express fell short at the K position, getting outscored 14.00 - 4.00 by Ramblin' Wreck. With 2.85 points, Dwayne Bowe had his lowest output of the season and tallied just 28.2% of his 10.11 projected points, his lowest percentage of the year. It was a season-low 16.02 points for Eli Manning this week. It was also a season-low for his performance versus projections, reaching only 69.8% of a projected point total of 22.95.
  17. True story. Other league, same crappy kinda team, same no win record. Vs a 4-0 team. Didn't alter my team for bye week. Short *three* players for the matchup. Win by 12. So, I got that going for me...
  18. Well the Thursday game was pretty awful. CJ showed up last week, little help for me (Monday was harsh). Hernandez is a toss up at the moment for the weekend. Blah. Also, as I begin my journey towards 0-5, trade rumblings a brewing... Which is to say, I'm pretty much cooked. And yet, my team does have assets. So I ask - what's in it for me? Oh well, I can drink my football sorrows away with the GC pint glasses that will be here in two weeks or less. For amusement I should also post my other fantasy team. Doing just as well as my team here is doing.
  19. Dear God was that Seattle end game call horrific. Refs are back so if that was the catalyst so be it. Tough swallowing as a packers fan. Oh well... My suckitude continues. Grantland had a nice essay regarding Chris Johnson. He still sucks. Badly. Him and the Packers anemic offense (and Hernandez...) are making me look real bad. Did you know I destroyed everyone the last time we did this? At least until the playoffs... Yeah, I know, trades. Sorry but I really checked out after Monday. I'll start looking my team over tomorrow....evening if all goes as planned with the upgrade. Cleveland. Just a general observation. Looking better. In the internet age everyone just slaughters rookies, especially ones people assume suck with no evidence otherwise. Hello Wheeden. Troy Aikman's rookie season says hello and and is really glad there wasn't really an internet back then...
  20. GC League Week Two standings Can't catch a break at all. Could really use a functional RB. Also GB can start playing offence anytime now. Maybe it's just been crap matchups for me so far. Then Hernandez goes down... Man did that suck. On the plus side, picking up Martellus Bennett turned out alright In a 36 to 7 blowout Eli only just barely gets his projected points: 22.41 projected, 23.27 earned. They could have thrown into the endzone instead of running it in once or twice... 14.8 vs the expected 8.8 for Bennett? I'll take everything I can get...
  21. Week two off and running. Decision to not swap Cobb out for Ogletree (but swap someone else out for Ogletree instead)? A good call. Looks like Cobb is here to stay as a regular in the GB offense from here on out. FInley, who signed a one year extension... Unless something really changes I think he's gone from GB. Still half-hearted blocking during running plays. Still dropping sure balls. And now not protecting the ball and getting it punched out. GB Defense? Doing their job again. Just starting the 4th Q now, still no idea how the game will ultimately shake out, but Chicago may have came in feeling a little too good about themselves. Also, sweet fake field goal TD!
  22. Early games just wrapping up. STL gonna beat Detroit? Weeden sux but apparently so does Vick, alot... RG3? Wow. Jets? Really? Then again it is against Buffalo... The madness of week one...
  23. Click through for the entertainment Defensive Tackle Taylor derives from messing with this guy. http://www.sportsgri...l-taylor-plane/
  24. Wowsers, but pretty much what was needed across the board though I thought the GM came off light. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/7718136/sean-payton-new-orleans-saints-banned-one-year-bounties
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