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MAP pack out!


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So these were released to the console dweebs about 2 months ago and I never really heard the news on if they were to be ported to PC.


I am part of NVidia "club sli"...ftw ever that is all about...So I get an email today saying that the map pack is being released to "key partners" 24 hours early. So I gots mine at 11 am today and am about to fire up and install. Should be fun.


Anyone else got these yet/played them yet?


Keep your eyes out.

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how do you get it through steam. Patch 1.6 and map pack

I used a registry hack...


if you go to your regedit...


hkey_local machine/software/activision/call of duty...blah blah blah...


there is a reg entry entitled "digital distribution"


I just renamed it to "notdigital distribution"


try that...if that doesn't work, message me

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