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  1. Hi everyone. I know it's been years,right. Anyhow, I thought you might want to check out this new game. A company called Reakktor, has pretty much come out with a different version of UT. Some of the maps look really similar, and the weapons are just redesigned but they feel the same. It really is a new version of UT, and it's using the Unreal Engine. Well, thought I would stop in and see what you guys think. Nice to see the GC still going!!
  2. That was the actually the idea Samurai, but I find myself late at night on the weekends with nothing to do. So... you know, why not fire up a game... hehe!!
  3. Ok, I have looked into this and have decided I don't want my account banned and lose everything. So, gonna keep it and ... GAME ON!!!
  4. What do you guys think it might be worth. Throw some #'s out there for me so I can get an Idea. I know all of us here already have accounts, this is more centered around someone that might be getting into PC gaming. It would be a big head start. Thanks for any input guys, and always good to hear from you!
  5. You can do this, I really don't think DDR4 is necessary right now. SSD drives are the big alternative, they have come down in price alot and you would be surprised and what they can do to even an old cheap dual core system. I don't know where you stand on current rig but I think you can do it for 750. Just remember to do a lot of research.
  6. Hey buddy how are ya! Ya I miss you guys, not really with a community don't really play to much as of late. What do you think of the Idea?
  7. Hi guys, its old Primus here. gonna keep it, thanks guys for you input.
  8. Primus

    UT 2015

    I'm in right now waiting to play ctf lets do this!!!
  9. Primus

    UT 2015

    You need to join the forums before you can get to this page but here is the direct link to get it. Just click the Yes word for your OS There is an installer to download that gives you other things to check out also, some of it is pretty cool. I am eagerly awaiting this game. If it turns out as good as I am hoping I would love to see the old GC community get back into it. I guess I would have to throw in my dues at that point, and kick it around old school like with you guys. https://forums.unrealtournament.com/showthread.php?12011-Unreal-Tournament-Pre-Alpha-Playable-Build
  10. Primus

    UT 2015

    The Alpha is out and runs nice and smooth. Has anyone been looking at it ?
  11. COD 4, MW3, Thats about all I play anymore. I play L4D but usually in co op mode. But, you know me, anyone out there want to fire up a little old school UT2k4 -- I'm in. The pool tables look very inviting and whatever anyone else wants to throw around , you know.
  12. Hi everyone. Yes, it is I Primus. I got the e-mail for this and couldn't help but post. First ?, Am I allowed to go to this, Second ?, can I bring friends. This place looks almost as good as the place you had the very first FF. I am very seriously, most probably going to go to this. Providing I can go, ergo, members only thing I have forgotten. Anyway, would love to go, and it looks great. Would be nice to see some of the old crew. I'll check in later on it to see the progress. Thanks guys.
  13. Hi guys, its been a while. The shirts look great. I'll take a 2x if you have those, hehe.
  14. oh my, whats up guys!! Geno, man its been a long time. Dont even get me started with this stuff. The last time I played, like about a year ago or so I got pwnd so bad. ( I think they were all hacking anyways ) hehehe. Good to see you guys still play. Maybe some day.
  15. Ok, here is my new one. CAN YOU SAY ANTICIPATION!!!!
  16. Primus

    May 3rd 2011

    So this is official? SWEEEEEEEEETTTTTT!!!!! They aren't going through steam with this are they? Hope not, seems as though steam is managing to get their hands on everything lately. I WILL be getting this game!!!!!
  17. I played the free running man and I can't believe a web based game plays this well. My opinion, it plays better than COD BO
  18. Just wondering, ( as I have stopped playing this game for now ) have they given up the config files for your server yet, or is it still ( play it their way ) until they get all the issues ironed out by this time next year. :bang:
  19. Would you like to share your secret with everyone else about the lag. I get the best ping on the servers and the lag gets me killed every time.
  20. Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback. Now its just a matter of giving them a try to see which one is simple to use for me.
  21. I need a program to edit my sites. Use to do it with front page, ya I know pretty basic but was handy. What do you guys recommend. Thanks guys.
  22. Interesting, I thought Ebil joined b4 me. Anyways, I joined when UT2k4 was on the board and was the greatest game ever made. hehehehe Oh ya, and we use to use the smiley's alot more LOL!!!
  23. ah there it is one in the chamber hence the o/c. hehe.
  24. Got in my favs now cool. BTW, what are all the game modes. Such as: o/c and all that. I get GUN but what about the rest
  25. Thank you Steam, why couldn't they just put it on dvd and leave it like that. Why is it that everything has to go through steam anymore. COD MW1 and WAW was fine without them.
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