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Cool Frag video + more....


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First, a video by ReDDoT that he made a few weeks ago. He's pretty good at the video production stuff.






Now on to this forum. There are several GC people who play COD MW2 and this forum section should be renamed to include all CoD's. I doubt there is still a CoD4 server and as such, the stickied topic should be unstuck. Unless I am wrong about there no longer being a server.

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nice vid, how does he capture the video?


just wondering because im guessing they dont have demos like css


He captures using wegame. The program is actually really nice if you can get audio to work properly on it. It depends a great deal on what you use for a soundcard. http://www.wegame.com/


With a quadcore or better cpu, you can run the HD video capture mode without any noticable fps lag. If you are like me and have a dualcore, you should run the lower quality video capture but the quality isn't too great and it is hard to read the text.


I run the low quality setting whenever I play but with the X-fi soundcards, I had no sound when my Microphone was enabled. To get around that, I had to install my onboard sound and run my microphone through that instead. Wegame requires the "what you hear" device enabled for capturing sound but Creative uses the same channel for both that and the Mic resulting in only one or the other working. If you are running a quadcore cpu, try using this thing in HD mode all the time and let me know if you get any lag.

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