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I've gone through (and am still coming out of) a very very dark 3 1/2 months. Not the kind of dark where bad things have been happening to me, but dark in the sense of... well... a spiritual darkness.


GOD IS GOOD. If you're doubting it, He really is. I promise. But that doesn't really help - He promises that He is. Even when you think He's super far from you, when you think He hates you, when you feel like you've fallen from grace, when there's no light at all, when you can't feel His love, when you doubt Him, when you think He's abandoned you -- He's still good.


And He's right there next to you. If you're saved by grace through faith in Jesus' work on the cross on our behalf, nothing can separate you from His love. Not even the distress you feel when you believe that you've been separated. Because your life is hidden with Christ in God. All of it is. God counts you as righteous and holy. Not because we just are that way, but because he declared us that way because of what Jesus did. It cost Him everything, it cost us nothing. In Christ we're counted as perfect already, seated in Heaven right now with God.


In case anyone else has been here - where most days you hear someone screaming in your ear that God has rejected you, that you have no hope, that He hates you, that you hate Him, that there's no way back to Him, and that you've fallen too far from Him for Him to ever love you again -- if He's saved you, IT'S NOT TRUE. Satan can use scripture even to attack you (appears as an angel of light) and try to slow you down or take away your freedom that is in Christ.


The book that's been helping me a lot is Isaiah, especially chapters 42-56 or so. I love those chapters. And the Psalms.


All in all - I want to say if you're struggling, hang in there. God is faithful. He promised He would be. And He is good like He said He is. Since He is, we can trust Him completely. Hang in there brother (or sister) because He'll show up. Like Job says - even though He slay me, yet I will hope in Him. And guess what - it's not your hope that's the final word even - it's His powerful right hand holding you up when you can't hold onto Him. He's got you still. He'll finish the work He started in you.


God is so good, and He's so faithful. I just want to encourage someone in here that might be doubting it.

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