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Cool project needs support


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Ground Branch is a very cool looking project being created by one of the guys that worked on the original Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six games. This game is designed to be a tactical squad game that really puts an emphasis on reality, i've never played a game like this, but it's got my interest. The early gameplay footage on the site is pretty impressive as far as making a video game "feel" as real as possible. My friends that I play BF3 with all started out playing these games and have turned into a pretty respectable community in their own right, so if they are excited about it, it's probably going to be good.


This project needs donations to keep rolling, so if you're into these kinds of games, or you think it might be cool to try, get over there and check it out, and more importantly, toss them a few bones.




Might be a cool thing for GC play competitively, I know there are more than a few guys around here that are in to that :)

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I doubt this will get off the ground mainly for the game market is already over saturated with FPS games (Thanks Cawa Dooty), thus not making them in high demand.


I also love the overly exaggeration of the bullets ejecting from the gun. Its cool they're actually looking at things on how people hold guns and how guns work.



Also heres some fully funded games I was keeping my eye on:



(Yes Guncraft is what you think it is.)

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