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Nihlist? Cool or lame?

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There is nothing new about Nihilist beliefs. It is the belief that there should be no constraints put on a person emotionally, physically, morally or structurally. It basically discounts all forms of organized social patterns. This includes way more than just religion. It also says that there should be no moral constraints on social behavior. It is basically Anarchy without an organizer lol.


True Nihilist people have no place in society because they themselves write off all society as undesirable. Truth be told there is more psychopathology in this belief system than in crazy fanatics.

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Your belief in something shouldn't be about what other people believe. If someone still believes that the world is flat, they are certainly entitled to believe in that. If it makes you happy to feel that you can associate yourself as a Nihilist, then be so. If you're not confident in what you believe, then don't classify yourself as anything yet.

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