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  1. This is a kind of noob question but maybe because I use a laptop and regular mouse, whats mouse5? I do have a scroll wheel? Otherwise good post. I am guilty of not asking for pts sometimes if I need over 12 I think also some people have to remember its just a game. If you're team is losing miserably and has no real chance of winning or coming close and you keep getting skeeted by pros, just play for fun, a lot of people me included just get frustrated and rage or play sub-standard because they are so annoyed by certain pro's and the fact that I cannot come within 30 meters of the survivors, maybe try new strategies. Speaking of new strategies I am sure everyone has noticed people always buy tanks in certain areas, and some players even criticize people for doing so in "non-traditional" areas. If the survivors are hurting why not buy a tank. One of the main reasons I experience ennui playing with certain players is because every single campaign is played the same way, (i.e. ok must buy tank here, choke point here, etc) I mean obviously this is not a criticism just an observation. But it does get a little repetitive, which is always why I don't mind playing maps like CS, CC, Swamp, because it is more challenging (Swamp especially has no mainstream strategy) and think that we should put some customs into rotation Good thoughts everyone and dhun !
  2. antisemitism and other talk continued after multiple people requested to stop/warned
  3. It has been 6 months, like we agreed. I realized i do not like to play that game unless its on this server. I miss you also. Also I have learned my lesson. I won't be on as much but once in a while would be fun. Thanks Joe aka GIJOEWOW
  4. I really like playing with you guys you all have a unique personality and honestly I do miss it. Ive been playing KillingFloor 2 but have only made like 2-3 friends. Can I come back and I promise I will only play when I am dedicated and have the time. I do not like playing on the other servers, I am so used to at GCFTW it just makes no sense. Also I will change my handle to GIJoe(GCFTW) or gamrs.co . I have been suffering and going through a lot of financial trouble, my roommate has had two heart attacks so I have had to take care of the house myself but hes back. I think I can also renew my membership. The reason why I said I would cancel my membership is because the day I bought a new one I was banned in 2 hours, the same exact day, when I was just trying to get an open slot, so I think it was a lot of misunderstanding. Anyway I miss you guys and no matter what choice you make I can respect that, but I would really like to come back. Thank you Joe I am lost without you !!
  5. some "people" and kick some "butt". I had to drive my friends to urgent care and wait for 3 hours. Then my friend was supposed to meet us for dinner and pick up his toiletry bag he left at my friends house but went to the wrong restaurant, theres 2 within 20 miles. Not to mention I forgot my medication so the staples I have across my right chest from the clavicle surgery the 8th and the staple feels like its rubbing into my shoulder bone constantly. But I cant. Venting, Goodnight,
  6. Like i said I said my computer kept tabbing out and i to manually restart. Can have a refund for my membership i bought yesterday. If you cant ill file a chargeback with my credit card.
  7. Well I already made a complaint to the credit card processing company you use to get a refund. yes my membership expired today and have been trying to get in and constantly out until once it let me in froze then i have to Cntl Alt DEl out. then once i thought if i renewed it would sort out in a couple hours and i was banned. yes its joewow
  8. I havent been able to get into a game all day and I did and my computer tabbed out as its has been doing a lot for lenovo msg center. and finally I had to Cntlr ALt Delete to restart. Not sure what this has to do with it. So I purchased a membership so I could get in today. I do not understand why the ban.
  9. http://shop.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/lenovo/y-series/y50/ This the the pc I have. thanks
  10. I have been trying to workout but since I broke my radius bone in Nov. I have to limit the amount of weight on any upperbody exercise that puts pressure on my wrist, since its attached by a plate. I used to be able to do 80 pushups no problem. Now I can do maybe 25 inclined. I need advice on how I can get toned without injuring myself again. Ive been doing crunches, trying to 50-100 per days with 1-2 off per week. Anyone else have suggestions. Please dont judge my body just need help, on what to focus on. And its hard to me to get to a gym (only weekends). I try to ride my bike whenever I can. My health is really important but that injury really messed up my workout regimen. and this was before accident Thanks. Also should I invest in this :
  11. Yea I thought they blocked it but I also see people trying to do it to safe room doors. I wont mention names but members trying to get in. One time I killed a jockey whose body as severed but stuck by the safe room door, not sure if its a similar exploit.
  12. Cool videos , do you have a charger skin/mod on because it looks different than mine.
  13. Apparently I don't know how to post correctly. Anyway I have this Samsung drive from a laptop a while ago. It looks like some sort of recovery drive. I tried all the recovery options in Windows 10 to no avail. Tried to boot as USB, no windows files. Any suggestions or does it look familiar to anyone? Theres probably not much that valuable maybe vacation pictures, otherwise I do need a backup drive for this laptop. Thanks in advance help.rtf
  14. Thanks jackie. San yea i remember that I wasnt afk we were trying to trigger the tank so no one was really moving ahead. I was kinda mad bc it was an all members game and even 2 ppl were waiting to play and i already had waited 10 min to join but its fine . Johnny okay I get the point, and I guess you were right I thought it would display more people but it does only 3. And I will follow the rules no matter how many people are on.
  15. Okay yea I understand that jackie, so I will just leave totally, but also you lose all your points by totally disconnecting. And in this situation, I just don't understand how it wrongly effected anyone. It's a game, I know I have been warned. Everyone has circumstances, they have to go to the bathroom, they need a drink, their contact lense fell out, someones knocking at door, kitchen is starting on fire (happened to me once while playing l4d2), dog needs to go out, you press the windows key by accident, mouse died...etc. So i guess you are right I should have just left and reconnected not go AFK.
  16. Yea I did go AFK I told my team, mainly Joda,(the server had crashed and no one was there, so i invited 5 people only he came) I had to stepaway for a second. It was 3 v 3 so when I came back it put me on the wrong team, so thats why I switched back to my original team. But I think it wouldnt let me because I dont remember playing with you or blob. I did not think it was going to be an issue because the score was so lopsided anyway, no one was staying, and I let the team know i had to do something quick. GIJoeWOW: yeh i dont know its not a rule but i get banned because they warned me about it before like a year ago GIJoeWOW: its just stupid sorry to vent to u Joda: I'd back you up if you want me to, because i do remember you telling me you had to go afk to do something real quick
  17. Can I hear why /when I was allegedly afk this time.
  18. Also when you permabanned me the first time I had no clue that it was a problem. Other admins had to explain to me why it upsets other plays because of changing mains, etc. And I really have stop doing that exponentially to what I was doing it. As far as the first game u posted, it was a train wreck and we were beating the other team by ending the game 20 feet from the safe room. I was afk but there as you can see me typing. As I said its not like I was purposely trying to mess up the game and definitely have come a long way since this was first brought up.
  19. Ok first of all i never said I was drunk and i remember the game your demo was in. I was not afk, i pressed the windows button and when i came back was smoked and it ended up killing me bc everyone left, someone tried to help but your demo ends before it shows that. My actions were never intended to upset or make anyone think im griefing. I want to say a lot more but I am so sick of trying to defend myself, I have always tried to be welcoming and friendly to members, admins, and other players. But i give up this is not a community I will be returning to because of this.
  20. Player GIJoeWOW No Demos Steam ID STEAM_1:1:17694682 Steam Community 76561197995655093 Invoked on 10-02-15 21:47 Banlength 1 mo Expires on 11-01-15 20:47 Reason AFK, came back briefly while dying, left after dying. Was main. Banned by Admin Johnny Banned from Web Ban Total Bans 5 (search) Blocked (1) GIJoeWOW I am just wondering bc honestly I do not even remember this last night although it is probably true. I was slightly intoxicated at 11:15 and going from server 1 to 2.
  21. I lived in Boston at the time and I remember seeing it on the news and it was just so surreal. I went outside, it was so quiet and eerie. (they had grounded all planes, and evacuated all the businesses and sent everyone home) by the time i woke up (10 or 11). I remember the original news cast saying it was a cargo plane, also saying a helicopter was flying around first. But yeh hoping we will never have to experience a loss like this again.
  22. the other was kcbh gamer or whatever but i dont think theres proof.
  23. severe rushers. i dont normally report people but these 3 ppl were really damaging to teams. i think however i only got evidence of 2, the incapped dude evil beetle and manny
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