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The Secret World - First Impressions


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Doesn't really seem to "wow" me that much... I'm sure that perception would change if I were to play it, but just from seeing that video, it didn't do it justice at all.


Only MMO I'm really interested in at the moment is Guild Wars 2.

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I took their faction test a long time ago (can't remember if I'm Dragon or Illuminati; probably Dragon). From what I've read, the level up system is quite different since you don't grind for experience in the traditional MMO style. I've also heard that the stories and characters are quite good; that's the part I'm intrigued about.


I'll wait for a bit to see if it goes the F2P route in 2-3 years.

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Monk!!! :) :) :)


How come you don't play CSS no more?


It's complicated. I don't have an internet connection at home anymore (I'm currently using a nearby building's computer), so I can't really play multiplayer games. Plus, I'm busy looking for work.


I'll drop back in one day. :happy:

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