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Karma now added to Dungeon rewards!!!


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Dungeons now award karma on completion. The first-time karma reward for completing the story of a dungeon is larger than subsequent story runs. The first time per day a player completes an explorable path for a dungeon, the karma reward equals (Player Level) * 23.5. For the rest of the day, subsequent runs of the same path will reward karma equal to (Player Level) * 9.5."




For everyone level 80 that is a whopping 1,880 Karma for first time runs!

and 760 karma for each additional run.




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That's *really* nice karma on top of the other loot you'd get, along with skill points and what-have-you.


On the note of extra karma, now it's possible to get "jugs of karma" for daily and monthly rewards. If you get those, *DO NOT* consume them right away. They net 4200 karma each (which is awesome, right?). But for right now, they also get the effects of guild banners, +karma boosters, etc. I tested it this morning with the 50% karma booster alone, and got almost 7k per jug. So I went from 40k to 120k karma in 10 seconds.

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