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  1. Wow I haven't been online since August wow school really ate all my time :(

    1. Architect


      Then you are doing it right.

  2. Awwww yesssss dat Diablo III Ladder Hype :))))))

    1. Flitterkill


      I probably should get that thing going again. They have clan treasuries yet?

    2. TheLaw


      No I have not heard anything about clan treasures. They just added seasons, season only legendarys , legendary gem drops, and greater rifts are the newest things added in patch 2.1 .

  3. Biggest Surprise : Metro 2033 i have heard good and bad things about this but i went in neutral and although its not the best shooter it was really immursive . Biggest Let Down: Battlefield 3 (PC) premium ruined this game for me all the hardcore servers were either premium or gone Two Worlds(360) cool concept horrendous fps that made it unplayable.
  4. Someone Stop the DDOS on Blizzard I want to enjoy patch 2.1 !!!

    1. onyxdragoon


      Play between 4am and 11am

    2. TheLaw


      School just started back up so i am forcing myself to go bed at 2:00-2:30am, so that wont work .

    3. onyxdragoon
  5. Beep Boop School + Programming = No Gaming

  6. Programming projects, DOTA2, and Diablo

  7. This new loot 2.0 patch is the best thing Blizzard has done to this game. I started playing again after reading all the hype about it and this patch actually made me pre-order the expansion. Maybe this will get some of the other members playing this again. Happy Looting! Here is the patch details for the curious: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/12671560/patch-201-now-live-2-25-2014 Here is the a link to a mega thread to all the questions about the expansion. http://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/2051bj/reaper_of_souls_mega_faqhelp_thread/ Also there is a 100% exp community bonus active till the release of the RoS!
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLcElgRZXS4
  9. The server is down. Maybe needs a restart just figured I would stop by and tell someone.
  10. Done with Class for the summer! One free week left till classes start up again. Quick trip home then, its Dota time Baby!

  11. OH no!!! I hope you get past it the game is soooo goood.
  12. Yeah I have seen a bunch of things about this not not on the forums, but from over all across the internet. I have not got a chance to try it out yet but I really like the huge skill tree options that this game has compared to the Diablo series.
  13. Hi everyone! Its been awhile since I have posted here and figured I would just post an update! My last post I think was in March and I got a haircut, good news hair is now about the same length as my profile picture so I think its time for another buzz. I have been super busy with summer classes and only really have been playing DOTA2 as of recent. I see that most of the time now everyone is playing MM for cs:go now for that classic 5v5 feel, I still prefer the friendly competition been everyone in the server for Saturday night customs. If the time comes when the sever still gets full during the week and I am not playing DOTA2 I would love to play again. I also have been streaming a ton lately of DOTA2 and other games since then too. Games Started This Summer: Tomb Raider (2012) The Witcher Borderlands 2 Saints Row The Third Final Fantasy V Grand Theft Auto: Vice City [PC] (100% run) Final Fantasy Tactics [PS1] Games Completed This Summer/Last Post: Borderlands 2 (playthrough 1/Captain Scarlett DLC) Resident Evil Directors Cut [PS1] (a replay through from around 12+ years ago ) Grand Theft Auto III [PC] (100% run) Hmm...I can't think of much more to say. This sounds dumb but if anyone has questions/concerns feel free to post. http://steamcommunity.com/id/LDCTheLaw
  14. Stress and DOTA! That is all!

    1. TheDude


      Damn that game, i'm completely hooked

    2. TheLaw


      Yeah its pretty addicting.

  15. TheLaw

    I give up

    This is why I never got into playing Minecraft after playing the alpha a few years ago. I will never be this creative or take the time or have the patience to build a masterpiece.
  16. ...some people. Still pretty funny
  17. That is a pretty sweet back ground if i do say so myself.
  18. Been 2 years since I played mulitplayer on starcraft and wow I am terrible.

    1. walkingCat


      welcome to my club:(

  19. Lol I have been playing CS 1.6 (Late Night/Early Morning), Call of Duty Black Ops2, and Guild Wars 2.
  20. Lol I remember playing hide and seek in the minecraft alpha.
  21. I saw this on Reddit before it was removed from YouTube I agree it was awesome.
  22. Boom! Lol mine has not changed in over 2 years it is still my dream woman. Double posted and i think i have posted before here...I need sleep.
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