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  1. Got the same message. I know Maestro doesn't play CS GO, so this detective wasn't fooled!
  2. TheDude

    Trip to NYC

    Got lucky: no wind or cold whatsoever on top of the Empire State Building Just got back. Amazing trip. Really sad we had to go. Bought a baseball cap as a reminder. New York is seriously awesome. Who wouldve thought New Yorkers can be so nice. Also saw a huge rat just a few feet away when walking the street. Cockroaches, crazy people jumping on cars or lying down in the middle of a busy street. What's not to like.
  3. TheDude

    Trip to NYC

    Aww. Wasn't really planning on buying one. Went to the Lion King musical yesterday and it was one of the greatest things i've ever seen.
  4. TheDude

    Trip to NYC

    I doubt my gf will appreciate that, but ill put it on the list next to visiting the empire state building. So far ive learned that traffic lights are more guidelines than rules.
  5. TheDude

    Trip to NYC

    I made it to the US :-). Lifelong dream coming true. Gonna be an obnoxious little tourist for the coming week.
  6. Apparently there's a big issue with the facial and movement animations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XA07hLF-3tE
  7. It's coming! oh my oh my oh my oh my oh my oh my
  8. Have been playing it myself all weekend. Thoughts from others who have played? Dude
  9. Our game is right there at the very top thank you very much.
  10. Great movie, hell of a tip. Was on the edge of my seat from start to finish.
  11. Hearing a lot about it. Will definitely check it out
  12. I'm the same in this as Joda. Never learnt any sheet music or anything. Got taught the basic chords and just ran with it. Only play music i like, and sing along to what i like. It's also good to lower the difficulty on some segments yourself. For example take Heartbeats by Jose Gonzales. That's not an easy pick to do, however you can just change it to chords, then learn to tab the chords a bit, then steadily switch over to the real tab. Same with Under the Bridge by RHCP. That's a fun one cuz it's not the easiest, but with a little practice you can really start making it sound like the original. I did it with this song: I couldn't play the real tab and sing at the same time, so i toned the music part down (a lot). It sounds really minimalistic but you can get away with a lot. Also: switch between trying a hard song till you get tired of it, go back to playing easy fun stuff a bit and then return to the hard songs. You'll notice you can suddenly pull off chords you couldn't before. Good luck!
  13. TheDude

    In or Out

    The people orchestrating the Brexit have all abandoned ship. Now that they have what they want, they don't know how to actually make it happen.
  14. TheDude

    In or Out

    The thing with stuff like this is.. what do we really know? We know the argument some politician has twisted one way to fit his agenda. But we don't know any figures. What are the economic consequences? What about political balance of the EU as a whole? Who would suffer most from it, who would gain from it. Until we learn to erect institutions which can provide objective answers to these questions, any form of public consensus such as in a referendum or even voting on the matter is to me manipulated and necessarily shortsighted due to lack of information, and therefore useless. Same reason i don't believe in 'interviewing the man on the street'. What does he know. Tell me what the expert economist thinks instead. So to sum up: my first thought it "it would be sad to see the UK go". My second thought is: "what the hell do i know".
  15. Lol... LOL. Newb. Miss you <3
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