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  1. Kitarity

    10v10 Activity

    Weekends are usually busy, but yeah school/work for most of us.
  2. Kitarity

    Feedback on Hazmat Hordes

    I like this idea. I've been out of the loop, which horde spawns upon respawn? Just common?
  3. Kitarity

    Met a famous cosplay girl last night!

    Sonic boobs?
  4. Kitarity

    Met a famous cosplay girl last night!

    She's attractive, spends a good amount of time for her cosplays (unlike a lot of other people at conventions), and takes her job fairly seriously. If you can't respect that someone might actually enjoy or be competent at their chosen profession, that's your issue.
  5. Kitarity

    Met a famous cosplay girl last night!

    How's she looking like a tool? She makes women look fine, and I can damn well take her seriously. Look at her Mad Moxxi cosplay and tell me that it's not actual cosplay, sure as hell beats a lot of the crap I see at most conventions or furr cons. She enjoys what she does, if that makes her a tool then damn, I guess a lot of people in the world are tools. There shouldn't be any shame in doing what you enjoy, even if it means showing some skin and being comfortable with your sexuality. Anyone who says otherwise just has problems with theirs.
  6. Kitarity


    Going to wait for Steam sale, because I'm cheap like that.
  7. Kitarity

    Banned L4D2

    ... go read the rules commands now. Seriously, you can't make a legitimate claim as a member without having tried something yourself. If there was an admin on, you could always message them after asking for a kick vote. Endless options here, not too sure what you were doing that night.
  8. Kitarity

    Banned L4D2

    You're a member, start a kick vote...
  9. Kitarity

    Met a famous cosplay girl last night!

    I sense jealousy from Tsunami there.
  10. Kitarity

    Met a famous cosplay girl last night!

    Pics or it didn't happen.
  11. No, this is not a joke, nor has my account been taken over by Dude/Baloosh/Peanut/Biggs or the multitude of other enemies I've made over L4D2. I'm requesting a ban on my account for all GC Servers until August 16th 13:00 EDT, or as close to it as you can get. In the meantime, please don't build close to the mountains I've started working on in MC, though if you have to... I won't get tinkley about it, just leave the chests etc. the same. I guess the easiest solution is just a perma ban on Kitarity for L4D2 for now as well as removing me from the whitelist on MC, and I'll message you to lift it when I've finished my MCAT. I really need to score in the 90th percentile for this examination, between GC and Reddit GW2, it's not helping much. Oh I'll also be removing friends from Steam etc for a bit, so don't take it personally if I'm not there anymore. Thank you all for understanding, see you in August.