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  1. Oh man! Are there new models to unlock? I might have to hop back in for a bit. Hopefully there's still time left before the event is over. But the Christmas one is my favorite. On a side note, somebody mentioned that the firebug should get the flamethrower right away. I'd recommend that if you don't have good aim. If you do, the Mac10 is by far the most powerful weapon in the game, and no one will be able to keep up with your kill score. Here's why: 1. The Mac10 is one of 2 or 3 hitscan weapons. The UT2k4 people know what those are - where you aim is exactly where it hits, there's no spread (on the first shot). But that's ok because you want to stay in single-fire mode. With that, you can snipe with it. Yes, snipe with the Mac10. 2. On zeds, it's essentially a one-shot kill. You hit them once (ideally a headshot), and they burn til they drop. You tag one, move onto the next. 3. The clip is very large for a single-fire weapon. You don't have to reload as often as other classes, and can snipe way faster than people with scoped weapons. 4. It's cheap. You can get it on the first or second round. Spend the other money on kevlar, save it, or give it to teammates. 5. You can run and gun with it. Another UT style thing, as soon as you get used to where the exact center of the screen is, you don't even have to hit your aim button. You just fire, and you see where the bullet hits. Maybe you'll be off by a hair or two as you're getting used to it, but before long you can easily clear maps and solo. So yeah, firebug > all other classes (IMO).
  2. That's *really* nice karma on top of the other loot you'd get, along with skill points and what-have-you. On the note of extra karma, now it's possible to get "jugs of karma" for daily and monthly rewards. If you get those, *DO NOT* consume them right away. They net 4200 karma each (which is awesome, right?). But for right now, they also get the effects of guild banners, +karma boosters, etc. I tested it this morning with the 50% karma booster alone, and got almost 7k per jug. So I went from 40k to 120k karma in 10 seconds.
  3. This definitely works. You rock so hard for posting this link. I spent about 1.5g (had some materials already) for cooking 1-400, and leveled from 20-32 in about an hour. Here's how I did it: 1. Pick a profession from that list 2. Get the list of all mats needed in that Google doc, paste it into Excel (the google doc is write-protected). 2 monitors helps. 3. Find out what mats you have already, put it in the next column in Excel 4. Subtract the two numbers, and it shows how many of each item you need 5. Buy them from the TP or vendor (depending on what it is) 6. Follow the guide for crafting. It goes like this: (0) Recipe 1 (25) Recipe 2 (50) Recipe 3 So that means for levels 0-25, craft nothing but Recipe 1. Then 25-50, Recipe 2. 5-75 Recipe 3. Continue to 400. I used a crafting XP boost (which gave another 2 levels), so you can expect about 10 levels without, 12 levels with a crafting XP boost. So I have 400 for leatherworking and cooking right now, tonight I'll be doing tailoring and possibly huntsman. So another 2 hour investment, and I'll have gone from 20-50 in 3 hours, spending about 7g total. The only problem is skill points, but I can go to the beginning zones to pick up the easy ones from each area and be set. Then running through story quests for the nice XP/skins. Not to mention, this guild now will have people that can craft anything in any discipline...
  4. There's absolutely nothing grindy about this game. If you wanted to crash through everything, you could get to max level (80) in a few weeks. But there's no real rush. Here are some of the highlights that really makes this a game of its own, not a WoW-clone: 1. Goodbye, leveling curve! None of that "Levels 1-10 take an hour, max level takes 6 hours" junk. Each level takes the same amount of time, about an hour (for casual play). 2. Hello, variety for experience. You can probably get 20 levels out of just crafting, and another 20 levels from gathering *alone*. Never attacking a single mob. Or level in PvP (you can get gear through people/mob drops, events, etc). Or explore every area and get worthwhile experience (and big rewards for 100% completion in zones). And if questing is your thing, there's plenty of that to go around too. 3. Quests aren't boring. There are no quest givers, only quest rewards. If you go into an area, you automatically can do that quest. And it's not "gather 30 troll tusks" and farm an area, it's "cripple the centaur defenses" with a progress bar shared by everyone in the area. 4. Finding a group doesn't suck. In fact, it's unnecessary. Local events happen, and you're in the fray. Maybe undead creatures are overwhelming a camp, and you have to stop them. And if you walk away from it, the undead WILL take over that camp. No more merchants there, quest rewards, etc until you take it back. 5. Traveling doesn't suck either. You can teleport to waypoints, so "mounts" are a thing of the past. There are speed boosts though (active and passive). 6. No monthly fee! 7. It's a skill-based game, not gear-based. So you can compete with the unemployed single super-nerds without having to worry about gear discrepancies. 8. No more "trinity". You don't need a healer/tank/dps combo, because there's no such thing as active tanking (no taunts). You can be a healing elementalist or DPS guardian, and switch whenever you'd like. 9. You can PvP right away. Same goes for World vs World vs World (where your server attacks/defends against other servers). So when you buy the game, create your character on the Blackgate server. There are usually 5-15 GC folks playing at any given night. See ya there!
  5. That seems like more of a bragging rights thing than anything... unless people are really trying to max-out everything they can. The majority of people would be fine with the normal rares and exotics, I think... especially since a large part of GW2 is the player skill. I still see warriors running around with 4 signets, melee rangers, even some warriors/guardians using a scepter for the AoE. A warrior with supreme gear and 4 signets is still going to be bad.
  6. Sounds good! And as an FYI, there was a goof-up awhile back where every member got promoted to leader. Everyone was asked to demote themselves back to officer, but not everyone did...
  7. Makes sense. Not sure if you already took care of it or not, but I created a new vent profile and GC server connection, and that worked. Strange, since I was still copying/pasting the login info. GW2 is really polished, btw. JackieChan saw a little lag here and there, but mostly it was smooth sailin' for all of us. NJ ArenaNet/NCSoft! Edit: Oh dang, I had to open my fool mouth. Connection errors, no one is able to log in this morning it seems. D'oh!
  8. Yeppers! Should be under the name "sadisticnick".
  9. summer2011 isn't working for me... can you confirm that pw?
  10. I'll be on at 10:30 or so CST, along with a work buddy.
  11. Unclean


    Thanks guys! I'll add that KF server to my favorites, and it's good playing with ya in there. And yeah Filter - it was weird that you had *just* posted that. I hadn't logged in for what, a year? Year and a half? Maybe you should reference more people and summon them too! Maybe not the one that likes OJ, or perhaps loves it though. But anyone else. VA - I can work from home some days, but mostly come into the office. It's a pretty sweet gig though, they respect the work/life balance, have a ping pong table/wii/etc in the break room, bagel Wednesdays, fresh fruit Fridays, etc. There's a MarioKart tournament going on right now too, over 40 people signed up. Definitely makes it worth it to come in. Plus it must be tough to work from home all the time, all those distractions... Not to mention, it's cutting-edge stuff career-wise, so it's been great all around. For those of you that feel like you're stuck in a rut, sometimes the grass truly is greener on the other side. For anyone in Northern IL, we will have a FT business analyst position open soon, and anyone can become an Independent Consultant (to sign up restaurants and make 20% commission off any certificate sales). I can get up to four $89 registration fees waived if you guys are interested. It'd be great for college students, people looking to boost their income a little, etc. /end plug
  12. Heh, nice. I went to youtube and searched for "unclean" to put up a weird video reply, but do yourself a favor and don't. Some things can't be unseen.
  13. Heh, I just made a "how I've been" thread, it's been interesting for sure. Glad to catch up with you guys though. Leaning toward Jade Quarry, but whichever server everyone decides, I'll join with ya. Will you all be on vent for the 3 day headstart? I took off Aug 29-31, so I'll be in GW quite a bit over that time. A coworker bud plays too, so hopefully it's cool if he hops in the vent server too.
  14. Unclean


    Hi all! It's good to see a lot of familiar names around here (FK, bushwack, 3vil, JC, Preacher, etc). What's been poppin' over the last year or so? Anyone care to share some of the highlights? What are you guys playing these days, how was FF OH, etc? Sorry I just kinda disappeared for awhile, lots of RL stuff got in the way. I switched jobs last summer and was feeling out the new company. So far it's been awesome, working for Restaurant.com (if you guys don't know it, check it out. Great way to save money dining out, this is the site Groupon used to make their business model. And if you want to make money, I can hook ya up with a free enrollment in the sales program). They're way more laid back here than my last job, StutteringJohn would appreciate that if he's still around these parts. It was a huge pay bump too, so life was good. It felt like I won some kind of job lottery. Then my wife's mom's health started declining, and she passed back in Feb. So that trumped any gaming, no question. Then when things were starting to settle down, more news! My wife is pregnant, we're expecting our first next Feb (code name Baby Carlos). So that's exciting, but a crapton of doctor appointments and special care. That seems to be settling down somewhat too now, so the gaming future looks bright again. Guild Wars 2 starts this weekend, aww yeah. Other than that, I've been playing KillingFloor almost exclusively. Great game, and easy to play for 15-30 minutes here and there. Anyway, I'm not sure how to end this post, so here's an emoticon of a burglar.
  15. Heya folks! If you're looking for server suggestions, the people over at mmorpg are all starting on Jade Quarry and Ashenfort. There's a huge following over there, that server should be jumpin. I'm totally gonna be there at launch. Should be 11PM CST on 8/24 if they do the "early" early access, right? P.s. it's good seeing you guys in here (lousiest, jc, etc)!
  16. This game is a blast. Pretty much the only thing I've played with any regular frequency over the last year. If you guys get a server, let me know the IP. I join empty 1UP servers all the time, they have a nice mod set (that shows time played and cash in the scoreboard and highlights individual kills). It'd be WAY better to start up GC servers instead.
  17. rrrrRRRRAAAAHHH! (That's me clawing out of the ground). CS stinks, UT and KillingFloor are better.
  18. Unclean


    RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE, old thread about Brink! I just downloaded this game yesterday, and it definitely has a TF2/Borderlands hybrid feel. You can upgrade abilities (take more damage, use more special abilities, make your weapon more accurate, etc). There might be a little parkour in there too, so it's a nice blend. For the UT2K4 folks, this game still isn't as fluid in movement as that. The closest it gets to a double jump is the slide, but to me it seems like that may get you killed faster. Is there anyone else playing this or thinking about picking it up? I think it's definitely worth a look, missions can be very complex and challenging.
  19. So how can we tell if Sony had that information in the first place? I'm not sure I ever put CC info in when I signed up for a PSN account.
  20. Note the detailed filigree on the side casing. And I see that this processor is AMD. Do you know much about AMD? Well, it was a company started by Reginald Henglethorpe back in 1886, and ran through the industrial revolution before it was bought out by AMD. Now I noticed this doesn't come with a monitor or keyboard/mouse, so that *does* affect the value somewhat. However, if this were to go to auction, in its current condition, I would expect it to sell in the $500-$600 range. Thanks for bringing this in, it was really a pleasure to see. Join us nexttime on CraigslistGC Roadshow!
  21. Yep - sounds like what happened with my machine back in December. It was getting power, but not enough. Ended up being the power supply. It's possible that the power supply gives a little power, but not enough to boot.
  22. You can try it free during the weekend, then you'd have to buy + pay the subscription for it.
  23. Still playing, although I rerolled on Kaleida. My 47 rogue is named "Unclean". You guys can try the game out for free this weekend by using the code emailed to me: CR7N-TDHY-H7RT-RXME-WJDR The OP classes right now are in this order: cleric, mage, warrior, rogue. Mages just got a huuuge buff, warriors were nerfed slightly, and rogues are having the hardest time killing things right now. Clerics are almost impossible to kill, and they can have viable DPS specs. So try it out! It's a fun game.
  24. I believe it was once said, "take you home/country roads/to the place/you belong. West Virginia/Mountain mama."
  25. Don't forget to get a coupon code: http://www.retailmenot.com/view/smugmug.com The $5 off ones are people trying to get their own referrals. You'll probably save more with the 20% one. I thought there was a 50% off your first year subscription deal somewhere, that's worth looking for.
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