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Apparently Biggs is some how getting people into playing this game....some how. I wanna know who owns this game or would like to play it, feel free to Add me on Steam


For others who are stumbling into this thread wondering what Awesomenauts is (No the thread title is misleading). I think my review on Steam sums it up nicely, "The Megaman of Team PvP Battle Arenas". It really feels like that, because games like LoL, HoN, and DoTA, this plays in the style of an action platformer than a micro-manage hotkey simulator. You may not style the other players powers in this game, but theres a lot of jump and shootan.


How is this game for me?


Well I have an easy check list.

Do you like:

  • Megaman
  • Super Smash Bros
  • ELO Hell
  • Screaming at your monitor
  • Telling Biggs to "git gud"

If you said yes to at least 2, this the game for you.



They have also (not so recently) been doing an expansion for the game (which isnt finish all the way since this an indie dev team, though may seem large, often rush their stuff.) which is available on Steam Early Access. Yes there will be somethings you can not do without it.


  • Access to 5 additional characters
  • Semi-Access to additional map
  • Spectating
  • Lobby System 2.0
  • Custom Controls for Custom Match

However you will have semi-access to these features if you happen to play with someone who owns it (I am assuming this means the custom matches only).




Main Site: http://www.awesomenauts.com/

Steam Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/204300

Expansion Store Page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/256500/

Roadmap to Starstorm Official release: http://www.awesomenauts.com/Roadmap/index.html

Awesomenauts Wiki: http://awesomenauts.gamepedia.com/Awesomenauts_Wiki


Also please note that this isnt only on PC, but on PS3/4 and EKSBAWKS (Xbox 360). No clue if its heading towards....uhnnnnng... Xbox One store or not. Im almost reaching 700 hrs, and I find this game fun and entertaining.


Before I forget base game has 15 characters and Ive stated the expansion will hold 5 additional ones. The game is also Peer2peer hosting, so dont bother asking if there will be a GC server or not.

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Biggs, Jackie, (lousiest*), and myself have the Steam (PC) version.


*Note: he doesnt really play, yet owns it. I sometimes ask him to play despite knowing he doesnt play.


Also please note, if you 'buy'/'bought'/'want to learn about' the game the wiki that comes on Google is an outdated one, and have since switch wikipedia database sites (reasons I have no clue, or care. Probably space or size(display size)).


Awesomenauts Wiki


Heres some gameplay of what appears to be a new player: (Unknown if safe for work, as I just picked a video that wasnt a year old)



One thing I really like about Awesomenauts, is that a match can be from 8minutes long to 15minutes long. It CAN get to 25~40mins, but thats if youre close to skill or have good area denial.

For Ping, 150~190 ping is normal, youre probably playing with people in the same county then. Anything lower and youre pretty much playing with local in the same state or w/e equivalent for other countries. It does get bad when someone does have 300ping though. Eventhough its Peer2peer its tied to Steam Servers, so when those game servers go down thats GG, and EVERYONE looses their rank.

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