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I was banned for no apparent reason!


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My name is Italo, I have a steam account  molina_italo and I was playing on one of their servers (gcftw.com |! # 1 buy 10v10) when I was banned ... 

For various matches the administrator of this server had warned me about the flood chat ... being that I was not writing anything. Then I was sent off for griefering. Also playing was normal, until the last match before I get banned I was frozen twice ... then I was banned! 

Is there any mistake I made and apologize ... will not happen anymore, and wanted to congratulate the server because of all I've played so far only this one had a stable connection ... also really liked this plugin purchase items! 

Also I apologize if English is bad writing here because I am Brazilian and I have difficulties in writing in English ... so much for writing it I used google translator!


I apologize for what I have done wrong and congratulate the server at work ... and ask for a chance to play on this server again!

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GC Server Admin

Hello and welcome to the forums.


You were banned, because you had been griefing your team on many occasions.  There were 2 other admins who were there to verify this.  You began by rushing out and starting event when being told multiple times not to this this, then you proceeded to run back to saferoom and not move forward. 


It's best if you listen to your experienced teammates so that you will get to understand the mechanisms of this server.  


As you have come here and apologise, I will uplift your ban.


Thanks for coming here and see you in game soon.

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