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TbT's Week of TeRRoR Review Week 21: Knock the rust off


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Hiya  and welcome to week 21 of inept gaming brought to you by TbT the Terrible one.



Amnesia...having a hard time remembering what I did this week prior to Wednesday..... I think I CMM'd and Squaddedd.....maybe Table Topped? ugh really can't remember.  So lets just go with Wednesday-Sunday




RUST:   Started playing rust again with the new wipe.  Gotta sneak peak Wednesday night with Mustard on the new updates to rust.  Proceeding to Thursday Mustard and myself linked up and pondered a good spot to build.


After about 45 to an hour we found our spot.  Built a pretty nice base over the next 2 days.  It was a slightly smaller model  of our prison build from last play thru.  We had some fun with a rival faction.   They weren't much for good shots with a nice semi auto vs semi auto battle.   Later on they got a few bolt actions and were it a little more control.  Still though we out built them but little did we know they were rolling 8 deep.  Sunday they rolled our base ( I was home alone)  


They used 32 rockets... that s a massive undertaking....assuming just normal rockets that would be....

  • 10 explosives per (= 1950 charcoal 1400 sulfer= 650 gunpowder)
  •   30 low grade fuel (= 23 animal fat +8 cloth)  
  • 100 metal fragments   and 2 metal pipes and thats for one rocket....
  • so.....  62400 charcoal+44800 sulfer= 20,800 gun powder / 320  explosives.  
  • 736 animal fat + 256 cloth= 960 low grade fuel.
  •  3200 metal fragments and 64 metal pipes....

 8 men gathering vs our 2-4 ( most of the time just 2) ...... yea we lost that.  I think I'mma hit up dirtybomb I played tonight for 20 mins and noticed they've made some map modifications...going to investigate further.

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I bit the bullet and bought Rust while on sale.


I am on laptop only, so I won't be max out settings...but - I'm definitely down to join some friends to test it out.


Let me know when the next group gathering is? I assume you are on discord for game nights?

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Yes we use discord.   Haven plays rust alot on PVE servers the rest of us play on hostile servers but  we only play in spurts / because of wipes in all.  When we do agree to play its usually pretty hardcore for a week to 2 weeks.  Its not the kinda game you can play casually.....well not if you ever want to have something unless you play PVE

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