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Arma 3 - PVP capture point


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Hey folks,


Long time no see for most of you that read this!  I've been cutting back on gaming after a few life changes, but I still manage to play 1 or 2 specific games until I get tired of them and move on.  Recently I've been playing a lot more, but nothing like I used to do. 

After a Arma2 Day Z stint...I fell in love with that type of FPS playstyle.  But Arma seemed to be the only game that provided that much in-depth control for a shooter.  Then Arma 3 came out and I fell in love with it - at first.

Then there was H1Z1, Rust, etc etc.  H1Z1 BR was addicting to say the least...it was like Call of Duty w/o the super fast 10 min games.  But with all their issues I turned back to Arma 3.  I found out they also had a BR mod made by PlayerUnknown, and it's great!  The only problem there is that ussually the same players keep winning all the matches and it's a bit unfair.  Lots of Brazilian and Russian teams on that game mode...and they are dominating.


I asked on Reddit if there were any other Arma 3 serviers that hosted a different type of gameplay, kind of like Team Fortress 2 but on a grander scale.  Someone was nice enough to point me to this place:

It took a bit of getting used to, but it's basically like a cross between Arma 3, TF2, and our very own L4D2 !buy servers.  It's a capture point PVP-based match.  There is no time limit because these are huge maps...I mean bigger than H1Z1's entire Z1 map.  And the longer you play, the more points you earn to buy expensive stuff like tanks, jets, choppers, artillery, UAVs,  etc.  Weapons, ammo, gear, all of that is on a buy system...and you can only purchase this at the primary spawn area. 


I am just hoping to draw some friends from GC to this.  Right now the servers are open but absolutely empty as 90% of all the players on these servers are European (it's an English-only server though).  They are usually done with the last match right when I get home from work (4pm Pacific)....so I really only get to play on the weekends in the morning.


Anyways, if you are interested in playing, I can teach some of you the basics while the servers are empty, then you can help spread the word.  Just PM me here or on steam.

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