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Competition Time


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As a birthday present for you guys this weekend :  1st person to kill Maestro 3 times during 1 campaign will win 'Membership for 1 year'. 

2 RULES - killing me with a tank doesn't count.  Server has to be full or fairly full. 

Admins are exempt - not paying that bill lol.

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OK, bit of a disaster yesterday.  Competition will resume today - however, to give everyone a fair chance I will play as survivor only if there are spots open

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If you don't come to server to read rules about competition - don't be bloody whining when your kill is null and void.  That said - as it's fairly difficult to achieve - the competition will remain open indefinitely until someone wins. 

This will be classed as a 'Custom Night' - so if it doesn't get voted for your kills will not count.

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