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GC Official Update - April 2024


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GC Board Member

Hey everyone!

This post intends to provide information on what has been going on with GC and what to expect in the future.

  1. Change in Board Members (BMs).
    • All previous BMs have been transitioned to GC Alumni, so they no longer shall be expected to be involved in GC, however their contributions in the past ought to be recognized and respected.
      • The one exception here is FlitterKill (FK), who remains as an active BM for the time being, with hopes of fully transitioning things over and offboarding in the future.
    • Cici, Looneypumpkin, and myself have been onboarded with FK's support as the new BMs.
      • For any GC-related ideas, questions, concerns, etc., we are the people to go to, assuming it isn't something that game server admins are able to answer/action.
  2. Updates to Memberships.
    • We have been working hard at getting the Membership system back and operational.
    • As of right now, Memberships can be purchased with Paypal only, with options of one month or one year, and you can optionally set it to auto-renew if you would like to.
      • We are working on getting Stripe and Google/Apple Pay options operational as alternatives, so we aim to provide an update in the future on this.
    • We are also working on automating the handling of active/inactive Membership in game servers, in hopes to have a Membership become active immediately upon purchase.
      • This will likely take a lot of work, so I cannot speak to an estimated completion at this time. More updates on this should come in the future.
    • For those wanting and willing to support the community above the regular Membership cost, we are looking at updating the Donations to make this as simple and effective as we can, so please stay tuned.
  3. Updates to Forums and Website.
    • As I'm sure you can already see, we have been working on updating the forums both in terms of user experience and relevancy.
      • For visual, this means fonts, colors, layout, etc. are being worked on.
      • For relevancy, this means that many old pinned posts are being archived if they no longer apply, and some will be replaced will updated posts.
        • E.g. Rules will be updated in L4D2 forum soon.
        • We are also looking at the forum structure and relocating or renaming topics and forums as necessary to help everything flow as logical and user-friendly as possible.

That's all for now, I hope this finds you all well and hope you are as interested excited about GC's future as I am!

Let us know your thoughts and comments under this post as well.

Stay safe, healthy, and have fun 😁


If you would like to contact me for any reason please feel free to reach out on this website, or via Discord or Steam.

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