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  1. [DOH]FaCeHoLe .gc


    im in and coming for real this time yeah let the games begin
  2. well i dont really have much too say here weve all gotten lost in starwars galaxies and pilar here or cs name trouble is our doctor and saviour in the game shes constantly saving our asses if i can say that but also i havent posted in any forums for eternity hi everyone im still alive and i did try out cs scource this morning pretty good i must say but i still get bored after an hour or so its still cs FaCe out
  3. [DOH]FaCeHoLe .gc


  4. [DOH]FaCeHoLe .gc


    i would really like a fragfest tshirt even though i prolly cant make it now and i would be glad to pay someone to ship it to me let me knoe FaCe out
  5. [DOH]FaCeHoLe .gc


    well as u guys know i get a lil crazy with the modding this time i dont know about tv's yet first im just starting the right way with the wiring and cooling first off added 2 uv cathodes 12 in i bought the coolermaster wavemaster all aluminum case ,antec true blue 480 watt,blue uv 80mm fan for the top and back of case and ic7-max3 pe 3.0e and a new msi sata cdrw and then the otherstuff from my other puter is 2x hitachi 80 gig fluid bearing drives 8mb cache ,ati 9800xt 256 meg,1 gig 2x512 corsair xms pc3200c2,son dru-530a dvd/rw ok now what i ordered power supply changeoverkit to change all the connectors to uv blue,uv blue sleeving to sleeve all the wiring,uv ata 133 ide cables for 2 ide drives,2x sata elwire xneon sata cables (verysweet)uv as well,and then 1 more just uv sata cable for the msi,and thermalright sp94 cooler and tornado 92mm fan ,thermalright northbridge chipset cooler with fan,artic silver 5,a bytecc 8 in 1 card reader to go in a 5.25" bay and quickfoot sent me an aerogate 2 fan and temp controller for my last open 5.25" bay and finally a coolermaster case side with window ill take pictures befor i start doing all the fun right now its running like a champ but the wiring is something to be desired very cool place for wiring and cable stuff is http://www.performance-pcs.com
  6. [DOH]FaCeHoLe .gc

    new puter mad at amd 64

    well yes on the amd 64 i maxed at 218 fsb but on nforce 3 150 chipset the multiplier is locked period so thats why i went and bought a new case and nforce3 250 chipset becuz supposeddly u can lock the memory and agp if i said that right anyway i love pentium ive alwayus had amd till the system before lat the p4 2.8c and so on i noticed on the 64bit would bog down easy on multi tasking with my pentiums i can do 50 things at once with no glitches plus my bandwidth is way higher with the pentium.......,,,,,,!!!!!!!! I LOVE PENTIUM
  7. well i tried overclocking the amd 64 bit 3200+ and the shuttle even went got new case and the nforce 250 chipset motherboard and had worse luck ack i hate it so i went back to pentium picked up an ic7-max3 and a 3.0gig prescott and bilieve it or not a serial ata cdbuner dvd combo that only works on intel chipset pretty sweet havent overclocked it yet but very soon makeing sure all is stable and need a good cpu cooler just using stock at the moment oh yeah got the coolermaster wavemaster case as well nice case nad put the shuttle/64bit setup on ebay
  8. [DOH]FaCeHoLe .gc

    Your CPU

    amd 64 bit 3200+ 1 gig corsair xms pc3200 ati 9800xt 256 meg 2 x hitachi sata 150's in raid 0 need help overclocking this baby im at 216 mghz fsb right now i dont see any multiplier or ram timing settings ? usin a shuttle xpc sn85g4 micro pc motherboard prolly got hold backs but i built this for the lan party
  9. [DOH]FaCeHoLe .gc


    im in the server almost everyday now
  10. [DOH]FaCeHoLe .gc

    Case MOD Competition

    i could help judge since i have a bit of modding background and i build cars and do fabrication for a living :0
  11. [DOH]FaCeHoLe .gc

    why fatty?

  12. [DOH]FaCeHoLe .gc

    A Word from the Treasurer plus *SERVER PROPOSAL*

    ok by me too if u think itll perform as good as gd
  13. [DOH]FaCeHoLe .gc


    i would also like to see the shot register thing or damage meter when u die thin i dont know what its called dang it but anyway
  14. [DOH]FaCeHoLe .gc

    Team Project for FF04?

    i have been painting proffesionally for 12 years and just got a new job in a highend bodyshop doin nothin but brand new nice cars but im not saying im gonna do it either , maybe if someone wants to prep and i have some equipment cuz im not gonna fly my equipment there and all killer what do consider a descent gun ? anyway sounds like something .also ill omly be there for 3 days so it would be time consuming but could also be fun after a few beers
  15. [DOH]FaCeHoLe .gc


    yo know im in buddy red as long as i get the biggest bed