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  1. evilxoul #9665 friend me then send it lol im always late on getting that link
  2. https://youtu.be/y4Sn1k9qp1U
  3. How many people still play on the CS:S server?

    1. Biggs


      It's pretty full at times

  4. It has been a very long time since I've made a post. I've had a lot of really screwed up things happen in my life recently. Honestly, I kinda feel hopeless at my situation but i always keep trying to fight through any problems. At the end of July 2009 my wife left me for an older man. He is around 25 years older than her and I both. I can't really understand the reasons why, because I make more money than he, and he is a raging alcoholic. I've even heard from her family that he beats her. At any rate I am going to lose the house I was buying because she liked paying the bills, stopped paying them and hid it for so long i couldn't ever catch it up. we have a 3 year old daughter together and it scares me that this guy could be touching her because of the age difference of my ex. Whats 20 more years huh?? She isn't even my ex. yet, i filed for divorce in like October and we haven't even been to court. I just feel like my life is in ruins. I have an 89k dollar loan on a house with only 1 year of payments, and its 1 year behind. I don't know what to do... honestly. I'm so confused at life but I just keep walking forward. I just can't help but think that my life is going to be screwed up because I gave my heart, my hopes, and all my dreams to someone... And they just stomped on them.
  5. i lost my nerdness and am sad

  6. So how do you get on a leader board, do we have to play against each other?
  7. Xoul

    Miss me?

    Hey everyone. Its been a while. I've dropped in a few times on the forums here and there. I've even stopped in on the server to see what was up. I actually was waiting to come back to the community until I got another computer since I just got a job making 17.18 an hour. Well, seeing as how my wife likes to spend money and I like to save it.... I never got around to building a new computer. After arguing with her, and threatening her with uber l33t counter-strike skills(And alot of laughter on her end.) She decided to give me money to buy a new pc. She doesn't get it till the end of this month so you might actually see me around! YAY.
  8. Figured i'd post this because it happened to my buddy fohacidal here. So people know. =(UV)=Fohacidal: who is this? Hydra@VACSecurity I am Hydra with VAC security Hydra@VACSecurity We are scanning files for our new updates Hydra@VACSecurity Have you had your free scan and/or files defragmented Hydra@VACSecurity I am asking a few members to join for further assistance Your chat with Hydra@VACSecurity is now a multi-user chat. James@VACSecurity entered chat. =(UV)=Fohacidal: hm Justin@VACSecurity entered chat. Panzer@VACSecurity entered chat. =(UV)=Fohacidal: are you guys real vac? Panzer@VACSecurity : We are VALVe Administrators. Hydra@VACSecurity Yes Sir, we are in a secure ip James@VACSecurity Yes Sir Justin@VACSecurity : Yes Sir. =(UV)=Fohacidal: O.o =(UV)=Fohacidal: how can i know for sure =(UV)=Fohacidal: its not evryday an admin randomly friends you Panzer@VACSecurity : Were talking in VALVe Administrator only chat (Blue text) Panzer@VACSecurity : This is not public. Hydra@VACSecurity We are asking current account holders =(UV)=Fohacidal: about? Panzer@VACSecurity : Scans for suspisious files. Panzer@VACSecurity : We need to do this on most people. Justin@VACSecurity : Such as fragments of a hack or illegal configs. =(UV)=Fohacidal: hm Panzer@VACSecurity : Would you let us ensure that your account is clean and let us verifiy this by obtaining your account information? =(UV)=Fohacidal: denied Justin@VACSecurity : We are on a secure network and IP James@VACSecurity left chat. Hydra@VACSecurity We are in a secure chat room =(UV)=Fohacidal: you guys do know im not retarted right? Hydra@VACSecurity Are you interested Justin@VACSecurity left chat. Hydra@VACSecurity Sir? Panzer@VACSecurity : Ok get banned we could care lees. Panzer@VACSecurity left chat. =(UV)=Fohacidal: im gonna screenie this and let other people know Hydra@VACSecurity left chat.
  9. Xoul


    Do they ever? They took money off the cards at an ATM. I didn't even know you could do that....
  10. Xoul


    Hey everyone. Tonight my wifes car was robbed. They busted out a window stole thousands of dollars worth of cds, Credit cards(maxed them out),and an expensive digital camera. If anyone would care to help out, because the damn car insurance company refuses to help replace items in the care only the WINDOW, please send any donations you can to dudesoul@yahoo.com through paypal. Ty.
  11. Xoul


    I lol'd I liked the demo...but the aiming is a little too loose for my liking, I'll definitely pick it up eventually but it's not something I'm eager to get (especially with DMC4 this week and Lost Odyssey next week) Since I've got the 360, I've averaged a game a week. I got it on Christmas and now have 8 games. I got dead rising as well, which isn't a bad game, but isn't a great game ether. I got assassins creed and thats a game thats only good in moderation. I honestly don't care too much about game play, I figure at some point this year I'll probably have every game for my 360. I just need the 62 inch TV. I'd like to slow down on the 360 games and focus on building a new PC, but my wife thinks I need every 360 game for some reason. Personally 2 games every 2 months is just fine. Guitar hero 3, and Naruto Rise of a ninja still keep my interest even though I've beat them.
  12. Xoul


    Turok is pretty cool. I like it a lot better than the Nintendo 64 version. So far its pretty fun. I've had my copy since the first thanks to the "not so smart" people at Wal-Mart released it early. But, got my copy anyway.Now all I needs is my 62 inch HD-TV!!
  13. Xoul

    PS3 song funny

    I got a xbox 360 for christmas. I didn't really like a lot of the features of the ps3. Some of the games though look like they'd be pretty good and I do intend to buy one... but still its a funny song.
  14. You know... I've oced alot of my machines... and I can tell you right now you can EXTREMELY OC any PC and run zCPU and get an insane mark. I want to see actual 3dmarks on it. There arn't any probably because when he tries to play video games/benchmarks the system locks up or reboots. Sure, at idle it'll be 4.8ghz stable... but what at 100% cpu usage? The only way that it would even be stable would be to have some insanely expensive cooling device.
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