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  1. ++SexyTyme++

    Hi guys

    Hey NOFX! I hope you've been well!
  2. Sorry to bump this up from the past! I hope everyone has been doing well! I can't believe it's been over 20+ years and I still think about this place. I don't even know if any of you guys from the Mmmm/DOH era still logon but I just wanted to wish you all well. Thanks to each and everyone of you for the best memories of gaming that I've never forgotten. I wish there was a good way for us to all reconnect and catch up. Anyways, peace and love.
  3. Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well. I was wondering if any of you guys play together anymore on either the Xbox or PS? My gamertag on both is BrahmaBull1225. If you guys want, drop me a line on there and hopefully we can catch up. It would be nice to play with some of you guys again. I haven't tried it yet but does anyone play CS:GO? Some of my best early gaming memories were on the Mmmm/DOH servers with you guys. Also, feel free to drop me a PM and let me know how you're doing. Best.
  4. Just thought I'd bump this and say hi to everyone again. Hopefully everyone is doing well!
  5. Decided to just come back randomly today after a long time. Every time I do though, I always read this thread. RIP buddy.
  6. anyone who didn't vote yes is either too scared or lying. haha, j/k bro
  7. yeah dweez, i played with swoop. haha, sorry windex, i forgot, like i said, i really just looked at my aim buddy list as i was cleaning it up. haha, sort of playa, just been busy with life but i'm actually free for 2 weeks so i've been trying to play some. just reinstalled steam and css and played a bit yesterday. haha, i was a economics major yomomma and i ended up going to law school because i didn't know what else to do. duke! long time no chat buddy, hope you are well. lol, i think i started playing since I was 15 maybe, 23 now. gooters!!!! my god, glad i saw you. i thought you disappeared just like me. how have you been, we should play sometime if you get the chance, its been way too long. haha, x, do you still play? of course i saved the best for last mav, good to see you are still here. haha, saw you last night mag, it was fun. sorry i wasn't really talkative, i was on the phone. but i'll try to keep my absence under two years. moss, miss awping yo bro! zero! i can't believe i didn't holla at cha, i still use your spyware guide everytime i get a new laptop or comp. wilco! man, blast from the past. do you guys still play? i played yesterday and i only saw a bunch of new guys (nothing wrong with that) and i was hoping to run into some classics. anyways, hope all is well with everyone and hopefully i can play with some of y'all because classes start up again!
  8. Much love and respect my friend. RIP
  9. So I was cleaning up my AIM buddy list... stumbled upon some good memories. Thought I'd drop by and say what up? I'm finishing up my 2nd year of law school so not much going on in my life right now. How are the rest of you Mmmm, DOH, DLM, MwR, TF, etc. doing? Hopefully I'll get around to installing CS on my comp over summer so I can get back to AWPing some of you again... if it still is in the game. Massive greets ~ Wilco, Facehole, Abyss, Mossad, yermother, Destroyer, Fat_bastard, Xero, Kurtz, Hurricane, redeyez, Quickfoot, Stretchnutz, Bob Lee {RIP}, Dirk, Fish, chuckleslove, MiniMe, Zap, General J, Slaughter, Sanders, StepBack, DJ, Kenger, Zeabos, Slims, SparkyTech, YoMomma, adambomb, Congergation aka rev, the real Rev, Whiplash, linch, Barto, Playaa, THX, Watchtower, AK2786, Tape, Chief, Hitman, MrMustard, Raven, Graybeard, Shertown, Mav, maverick, elbarto, Kaka, LongHair, gooters, swoop, mag, lunk, mrx, lostoften, bubblegum, duke, toka, batman, xterminator, and the rest. Sorry, I know for sure I forgot to mention some of the people I had the most fun with fragging, my bad. So, to do it the lazy way, everyone who was ever or are still in the following that I knew/know: Mmmm, DOH, BlackOps, MwR, TF, LuckyCharms, DLM, TM, and the other clans that made playing so much fun. Plus anyone else I forgot to mention.. haha. I also noticed dohguild.com is down, anyway to holla at cha? More importantly anyone know if cane is back from Iraq or how he is doing? On a side note, glad mmmmcs.com still works, it's the only way I know how to find this place.
  10. hey bud. im glad i stopped by too... of course i went to mmmmcs.com and it made me laugh for bein one of the old folks.
  11. what up rev? ive been good, super busy. haha, i graduated from OU last spring, im in law school now and its a lot of work. single mainly because i don't have the time. how have you been, catch me on aim sometime
  12. wow, this brought a lot of memories back... we had some good times back then
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