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  1. Sooo...no-one has posted on the spiritual forum in awhile. SO I thought I would. Summer is going great, having a lot of fun and actually making a difference. Now I will go home. Call me PLAYAA/PSELUS!!
  2. They are going amazingly well.....wow. God is so incredibly awesome when we let Him work in us. I have changed an insane amount. And evidently the kids love me, and I'm a stud. Hey, Jesus is real.....you can't deny it. I see the stars again at night, wonder why He is so awesome. Keep praying though. These kids/teens need Jesus badly. Live so they know who is in charge of your life.
  3. I'm going to several Christian camps this summer in order to try and recruit people for my school, Saint Louis Christian College, but also to help them grow and remain strong in their faith(which is more important to me). I need a lot of prayer for this because I'm an emotional rollercoaster. I have/do suffer from depression and it can cause some unwanted problems. I'm thinking of maybe starting to take some pills for it, it could be chemical. Also want to be a good example for the kids I'm helping with. I'm 19 and the kids are like 12-19. I'm not that much older than some of them, need prayer that I'll be very careful with all I do. I especially need prayer that I don't get too attached to any females I may counsel/meet. I went to my first camp last week, and it was amazing. God is so awesome. 2 babtisms, I cried a bit. So yeah, please just keep me in your prayers. I leave for the next camp in an hour and a half. Won't be back around civilization for another few weeks. JC is the way to Be!
  4. Parents not poor enough to get a grant, distain towards government and their assumptions.
  5. I second the motion........of explaining, that is. My vote count? Ahhh, really doesn't matter, it's not like my life is ruined if I'm not heard or accepted in a gaming forum. And honestly I wanna know why it happened, but in the end, who cares, it's a game just live with it and have fun.
  6. Be praying for you, it's gotta be hard. Like All Kill3r and Gunman said, if it's meant to be then it's meant to be. Hope it all works out for the best dude. Stay strong and keep on keeping on.
  7. My Uncle Scott live(s)(ed) by a guy who kept a panther and pumas. Pretty nuts...!! He lives near where the fragfest was last year in Ohio.
  8. Hmmm....Why were you looking at guys dressed as girls?
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