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  1. I just installed CS:S after about 5 years of not playing it. I am using a 6 year old MacBook Pro and it runs pretty badly. I found a config that is supposed to help and it seemed to do something but not enough. One thing it did was put a ton of stats up on my screen to show me what's happening and I noticed that every time the game loads a bunch of new "entities" I freeze for a split second. This is a problem when it comes to gunfights. I was on Retro today for a map playing against Bots and it was playable but tough. Anyone got any advice? I personally do not care at all what the game looks like, as long as it is at Sega Genesis graphic levels I'm good. Here is the Config I got from somewhere else:
  2. So....same old same old I guess.
  3. From that pic left to right I've got: 1) Watchtower 2) Don't know but I remember him 3) THX 4) SexyTime 5) Don't know but he's the guy who never missed one at that point 6) Swoop! (a.k.a. Boomhauer from King of the Hill)
  4. If it wasn't for the fact that Rev (Congregation to those who aren't cool enough to know that) didn't have anything to do the day yerm0th3r started the forums I would also be a "win" with the 19th of August 2002...but sadly Rev is gonna win that one if m0m isn't allowed to play. Also...HI! Also also...just checked and I am still the 4th most talkative person on these forums since 2002. Take that.
  5. Are you looking to edit things visually or by typing the html? If you are going with typing the html (and you should) I second ZD by saying Notepad++ (assuming you are on Windows).
  6. Saw someone's status said something about not being able to watch the World Cup at Fragfest. In case you are interested, I highly recommend looking at espn3.com If your ISP pays for it, sign up right now and you can set your account up to be available anywhere in the world. All World Cup games are broadcast live on the site (in really good quality depending on your connection speed). The End.
  7. My brother-in-law is cheering on Germany. He's obsessed with everything Germany. Hopefully this will get him big in to the sport and I'll finally have someone to watch games with! Mohawk, I always forget which team you play for but aren't you in the USL? First Division? I actually go to church with a guy named Tommy Heinemann that plays for the Charleston Battery. Ever played against them? I have no idea if he's a good player or not.
  8. I'm heading to my nearest pub (The Londoner) tomorrow at 1 to watch the England vs. USA game with several other Brits. Actually the pub was offering free drinks to any Americans who wanted to attend as they expect it's going to end up being exclusively Brits in attendance even though the pub backs onto the FC Dallas site.... My boss is actually British and when we came to our new building, he bought a 50 inch plasma to make sure we could watch any games in the office.
  9. Wait, you are in South Africa mohawk? That first game was actually REALLY good. Mexico should have won (the first goal disallowed) but they didn't DESERVE to win. What about Cuahatmec Blanco? He looked like some guy who won a competition to let him play with professionals. I'm sure that he has quality and has been very good in the past...but MAN is he well past his prime.
  10. I am EXTREMELY disappointed in this community for not even DISCUSSING the World Cup. It started 45 minutes ago!!!!!! Start talking. The last World Cup final had 751.2 MILLION people watching it last time.
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